Yassky: Fireworks Should Stay Putsky… Sortasky

In light of Macy’s recent announcement that it plans to move its annual Fourth of July fireworks display from the East River to the Hudson, our man in the NYC Council/comptroller candidate David Yassky has issued this missive:

“The annual Fourth of July fireworks show on the East River and over the internationally-recognized Brooklyn Bridge is one of our City’s greatest spectacles. Moving the show to New Jersey would negatively impact thousands of tourists and residents who come to Manhattan and Brooklyn to enjoy the show, and the countless local business that stand to benefit from the event. I urge Macy’s to split the show so that Brooklyn residents are not robbed of this important tradition and influx of economic activity during this moment of economic uncertainty.”

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  • Ari

    Wow, just wow.

    Worst news I’ve read in a long time. (As it directly impacts me).

  • Jesse

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets changed. Really, the place it makes most sense to show the fireworks is under the Bridge, because there is so much room for people to watch it from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Governor’s Island, parts of Jersey, and even probably Staten Island!

    Is there room for all the spectators to even see the fireworks if it’s only on the West Side? Where would all those people go to see it?

  • nabeguy

    Anybody catch the article in the Times about the birthday celebration for Pete Seeger and his Clearwater project at which a Native American said that “ever since that man named Hudson went up the river, it’s gone to hell”? I don’t imagine that there will be too many Lene Lanape members on the shores watching this particular celebration.

  • my2cents

    jesse, i agree it should be on our side, but on the other side of the debate, there is all this expensive and beautiful new park with piers and astroturf they put in all along the west side highway where people could watch instead of closing down FDR and having people stand sweating on the pavement. did that once and will never do it again. Still , nothing beats the romance of the fireworks over the east river as opposed to hoboken…ugh. cant even believe they want to give the show to jersey…its such an insult and is so clearly manhattan-centric. who cares about those “outer boroughs” right?

  • No One Of Consequence

    It’s like New Years’ in Times Square. It’s supposed to be uncomfortable. That’s what makes it special (and worth staying home to watch on TV).