Open Thread Wednesday 5/6/09

BHB Photo Club pic by beau-dog via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by beau-dog via Flickr

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  • melanie hope greenberg

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ll be reading and signing my picture books at the BROOKLYN DESIGNS.
    SUNDAY, May 10th 2:30 – 3 pm. ST. ANN’S WAREHOUSE, 38 WATER ST
    Hope to meet you there.
    For information about exhibitors and weekend events visit

  • Teresa

    I was looking for a local tailor to hem/shorten some pants recently; check out these price disparities:

    Cleaner on Clark, across from subway: $15
    Cleaner on Hicks, corner of Pineapple: $12
    Cleaner on Montague, next to liquor store: $9

    Note that the last actually quoted me $6, but when I brought the pants in, I was told $6 to hem, $9 if they have to shorten.

    What could account for such a HUGE disparity? Has anyone had a bad experience at the Montague St. place?

  • ABC

    Teresa, I imagine it’s just what people want to charge. Cleaner on Montague is new, wants your business. More established places don’t need to price so cheaply. or maybe they pay their people better, etc.

    But also, there is a weird thing with hemming of pants. A lot of people like to have the original hem kept and to have your pants shortened, the tailer will take up the pants, saving the original hem (with original thread). I had never even considered this until a took a pair of jeans in to be hemmed recently and was asked by tailer if I was keeping the original hem. I was like, Say aha? I then asked some friends about this and apparently I’m the last person on earth to NOT keep the hem. So, maybe some people were charging for this more complicated operation.

    More than you wanted to know. But this just happened to me last week and I’m still thinking about it!

  • Billy Reno

    Gonna bet bourboned up this Sat. night and unwind with a little neo-vaudeville.

    Leon Redbone
    First Unitarian Church on Pierrepont

    You in?

  • Harry

    If you feel like taking a bit of a walk/drive, the place on Sackett just west of Court St charges $6-$7.

    Pretty funny that you are on this blog – the only other one I read on a daily basis other than your own.

  • John

    Boycott the Shell Station on Atlantic and Henry Street.
    he’s had 3 price increases since he reopened !
    plus they rip you off for repairs !

  • Ari

    Hey Homer, may I suggest a new picture for the header of the blog, perhaps a scenic Brooklyn Heights street view?

    Maybe have a reader poll/submission event?

    Just a thought!

  • June

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a local, cheap acupuncturist? Thanks

  • yo

    i don’t think “cheap” and accupuncture should ever go together…but that’s just me

  • Aaron


    I go weekly to Yan Shin Tan, MD. Dr Tan is no Mulberry just below Kenmare (Delancy). not that local to the heights, but just a few stops away. he’s GREAT and pretty affordable. and he’s also an MD so he can help you out more than just acupuncture.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    If anyone records it, please let me know. I would love a copy.

    My current picture book illustrations are still on exhbition at the Brooklyn Central Library. All the artists were filmed by Brooklyn Cable Access Television. BCAT’s ELEANOR TV show airs on Sat May 9 @ 9:30AM on Ch 67(cablevision), Ch. 34 (Time Warner) Ch 82 (RCN) and Ch 42. Airing is scheduled in Queens on QPTV Fri May 15th at12:30pm Ch 34 and Sun May 17th at 3 pm Ch 56.

    “Ordinary into Extraordinary” is FREE to the public until June 13, 2009.
    Brooklyn Central Library 10 Grand Army Plaza * Youth Wing *

  • gi

    Does anyone know if there is a space can be rented for local artists to show their work in weekends only on Montagu street? Thanks.

  • alex

    Gi, It seems like local artists are displaying work pretty frequently at Trinity Church. I also saw a fair once in the Brooklyn Historical Society. Sorry I don’t know more!

    Also, have you thought about the Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo?

  • gi

    thanks, alex. BHS only has the shows two or three times a year. Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo is over crowded. Trinity Church sounds good.

  • alex

    Last week I posted asking for advice about dog adoption. Thanks for all the leads! I actually ended up falling in love with a dog that’s being cared for by Eva’s Play Pups in Williamsburg (a great place for those of you needing dog day care and boarding, by the way, and they have a pick-up service too).

    Anyway, I watched the dog for a day last weekend and it went great, but I’m picking her up tonight to keep her for a week to see how she does at my apartment during the day (this has been a problem for her in the past, which is why she’s up for adoption).

    Lots of people have suggested that crate training could help her adjust, so, two questions:

    One: Any kind neighbors out there willing to lend out a crate that would be appropriate for a 30 pound dog? I would be so grateful! (Feel free to contact me at alexis.s.wolff (at)

    Two: Assuming I can’t find a crate to borrow, do you know of anywhere in the neighborhood where I could find a crate for relatively cheap (seeing as how unfortunately I may only use it for a week)?


  • yo


    Crate training is a great idea. You will need an adjustable crate, or one that is only big enough to allow the dog to spin around. The dog cannot have enough space to go to the bathroom in one corner of the crate and comfortably lie in another part. A week is probably not enough time to really see if crate training will work, as you gradually increase the size of the crate over time, but should give you a good idea if the dog is keen to the process…anyway, i would think that the day care that is taking care of the dog now would be able to lend you a travel crate of some description….if not, I would try other day cares / shelters…

  • alex

    Thanks yo.

  • lcd

    re; space for artists. Isn’t there a gallery on Clinton behind the bklyn hts public library branch? I think it’s called Rotunda – vague info, I know, but might be worth looking into.

  • gi

    thanks Icd, i’ll take a look at it. any info. is valuable.

  • benita berman

    Has anyone seen the renovation of the sports club at the St. George? The only report I’ve had is that there is a “big white wall” where the mural used to be. I was wondering about the pool edges and original wall signs on the tile. There was also a large blue wall of tiles which might be down.

  • GHB

    Alex, please don’t give up on the pup after just a week. The dog’s already been bounced around for behavioral issues. He needs stability. Any new environment is upsetting for a dog and it takes time for them to adjust. You’ll probably fall in love with your dog pretty quickly, so give it time. It’s an adjustment for both of you. Good luck!

  • HicksStRes

    Alex — very important things to remember about crate training/ puppies:
    1. The crate should be a place where the dog feels safe and should even be treated as a reward…never a punishment! Try putting treats in the back as a “pleasant surprise” for if/when the dog ventures in on their own.

    2. Dogs are always more obedient when they are tired. Like the dog whisperer says, the most important way to care for a dog are #1 exercise, #2 discipline, #3 affection…and in that order! For our pup, we exercised her until she was dead tired before we let her sleep and she was more than happy to go into her crate.

    It may be hard at first, but please PLEASE don’t give up!

  • alex

    GHB and HicksStRes,

    Thanks for all the advice. Believe me, if it were totally up to me, I’d be very patient with training and working towards the dog feeling comfortable in my home. The problem, however, is that I rent a small apartment in close proximity to lots of neighbors who I’m sure wont be as patient with the dog’s incessant barking and wailing during the day (understandbly). Any thoughts about how to balance what’s fair to the dog versus what’s fair to the neighbors?

  • bklyn20

    Alex — to keep down barking etc. while he’s in the crate, stop feeding him from a bowl. First thing in the a.m., give him a handful of food, directly from your hand, in response to a command like “sit” before you take him out for the pre-work walk.

    When you return home, feed him his meal as frozen food stuffed in a kong. Say “kennel up” or whatever phrase you have chosen, and then place the stuffed kong in the crate with thim. Say your goodbyes and leave the apt. He will be busy trying to lick, tease, etc the food out of the kong and will not care so much that you have left ! The forzen food makes it all take longer, thus less time for him to worry about wher YOU are!

    Kongs (you can see them at any of our local pet stores, and the people there will guide you on the right size and type) are thick rubber cones with ridges — they are hollow inside and can be stuffed with food. You can buy (more expensive) Kong food to put inside. What I do is mix my dog’s kibble with plain yogurt, maybe a little peanut butter, and perhaps a few cubes of cheese at the smaller end for a “dessert” item, to motivate the pup to keep working on his meal. You need to be careful with rich foods like peanut butter — start with only a small amount, so you don’t upset the dog’s stomach.

    I make it all in a big bowl on Sunday night, then put the 5 stuffed kongs in baggies. ready and frozen for each work day. If you like, you can feed him meals while you’re home this way as well. If you don’t like using your hands to stuff the Kong (can be yucky), use an iced tea spoon to put the food in through the larger hole. I only do this with my young dog, and she climbs into the crate to wait for it after we return from our morning walk. Hope this helps!!

  • lcd

    gi – if you’re checking back for responses, here’s a link to Rotunda gallery – sounds like a good possibilty :

  • Matthew


    A tired dog is a good dog. Like HickStRes said above, #1 for a dog is exercise. A tired dog is a good dog. But it’s also important that the dog gets socialized with other dogs and people.

    Hillside dog park is a great resource for exercise and socialization. There’s a separate small dog area to slowly integrate the dog into play with other dogs if you’re unsure how he/she will respond.

  • Sean on Atlantic

    The Busy Chef on Court Street got itself some official Checkers signage yesterday. How soon before we get to try out their burgers?

  • TC

    Dear Mansion House Dog Owner:

    You live on the right side of the Mansion House. Every time you go away for long periods of time, your dog goes into full-scale howling (hours upon hours). I don’t even live in your building and can hear it. The cries go on continuously until your dog ‘s throat becomes strained… this is when the howling sounds like torture. I wonder if you ever notice the change in your pet’s behavior when you come home? If you think it has had a quiet, peaceful and happy time in your absence —- WRONG . . . that is called exhaustion.

    This morning, the dog started at 8:30am. He is going full scale at this very moment. I wish that I could record it and attach a clip to this comment. This whole situation is sad, annoying and frustrating . I’m shocked that people in your building do not speak with you about this sad affair.

  • Florence Yorrie

    I am interested in knowing if anyone knows where Robert who worked at Tapestry the Salon on Montague St. has gone to. He worked at Tapestry about 2 years ago, is a great hair cutter, wonder what happened to him. Really need my hair cut.

  • Joann

    Florence Yorrie
    Robert is at Irene Dinov