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  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone know what happened with Asya?

  • Andrew Porter

    Spent all Wednesday staring at the TV, watching the Inauguration.

    Uplifting, inspirational. Finally, the Good Guys (who knw what they’re doing) are in charge.

  • Andrew Porter

    Pier 1 in 1965. “Schaefer is the one beer to have, when you’re having more than one!”

  • Claude Scales

    From what I’ve heard, the owner(s) weren’t making enough from the business they were getting during the pandemic to cover expenses.

  • Claude Scales

    When I was in ROTC camp, we made that our platoon marching song.

  • Mary Kim

    As you might remember, Bonnie Burke’s father wrote that line.

  • Claude Scales

    Wow! I’d forgotten that. Thanks for the link back to your wonderful post about Bonnie, whom Martha and I both loved.

  • Knight

    A notice on the storefront on Clark Street where Amy’s Bread used to be states that Clark Cafe Buon Gusto is seeking a liquor license. Does anyone know what this is about?

  • Elizabeth

    Ugh what a loss, I loved that place. Any other indian recs in the neighboorhood?

  • Claude Scales

    The only other I know of is Curry Heights at 151 Remsen, between Clinton and Court. I’ve never tried it, but may now that Asya is gone.

  • Gates

    We deeply miss Asya. We have been enjoying delivery from Kitchen Grill (which was recommended in a previous thread on BHS):

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Curry Heights is serviceable Indian takeout. On the plus side, they have excellent naan, and the staff tend to be very friendly.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Schaeffer pleasure doesn’t fade even when your thirst is done.

    The most rewarding flavor in this man’s world

    For people who are having fun

    Schaeffer is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Arch Stanton

    Or more than 6… Burp!

  • Pierrepont

    Twenty-plus years ago, when I lived in a Manhattan, Buon Gusto was decent enough, but now we make that food at home, thanks to Marcella Hazan’s great Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking–a book I highly recommend.

  • Heightsman

    I’m guessing Tazza still holds the lease and Amy was a sublease as was the Asian massage place. Tazza is the wife/partner of the owner of Buon Gusto so I’m guessing they’re taking a shot at restarting Buon Gusto in it’s place since they’re still paying rent or own the spot.

  • SongBirdNYC

    There was/is one on East 77th Street. Is it the same owners?

  • BkHigh

    Isn’t this a restaurant on Montague that may just be moving?

  • Bkhigh
  • Elizabeth