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  • Heightsman

    wow this place is deserted

  • Jorale-man

    So are any local barbers/hair stylists working “on the sly” until things open up? People who’ll meet me under the bridge with a set of clippers? I slightly dread the idea of doing a self-cut but it may come to that soon.

  • Heightsman


  • AEB

    I share your, er, interest in such an encounter, Jorale-man.

    I’ve done a bit of self-trimming but I can see that my efforts won’t avert terminal coif collapse. Does Cuomo not understand the importance of barbering to morale?

  • SongBirdNYC

    So whatever day this week had sunshine I went to the Promenade to soak up some vitamin D and sit six feet away from a friend I haven’t seen in weeks. We were both wearing masks. There were SO many runners on the sidewalks and the Promenade who weren’t wearing them, huffing and puffing past us. WHY, WHY?! It made me SO anxious! GRRRRRRRR

  • Claude Scales

    I’m letting my freak flag fly, attenuated as it is to the back of my head.

  • Teresa

    Since mid-March, I’ve been transporting foster and adopted cats from the Cat Cafe to neighborhoods in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Over the last two weeks, traffic has picked up noticeably and parking spaces have become less plentiful. People coming back from second homes?

  • L

    Yes. I posted about this in last week’s open thread Wednesday.

    Apparently runners are exempt from masking and social distancing requirements.

    Or maybe they (at least the maskless ones) are just jerks.

  • L

    In fact, I’d love to hear any runners here who run without a mask explain why they think this is acceptable.

    Please — go ahead. We’re listening.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Agree that non-mask-wearing is a serious problem. That said, runners have no lock on selfishness — I’ve seen plenty of walkers not wearing masks also. I’m a runner and it bothers me that some of my fellow harriers are causing a problem, so I actually counted one day, and found of the non-mask-wearing, walkers almost equaled runners.

    No runner should be on the Promenade these days in sunny daylight hours – it’s too crowded and impossible to move away quickly enough from others.

    Besides the masks, people both as walkers and runners seem to have a problem understanding that social distancing applies to them too. Walkers in a groups of 4 abreast like they’re tourists in Times Square who can’t allow anyone to get around them. And runners who zoom up from behind when they’re the ones who can see the alternative path to move aside or go into the street etc.

  • MaggieO

    here’s one! i have no dog in this fight, i just read this and figured it applied –

  • L

    Yeah, I saw that article. It boils down to “hey, you can’t prove that masks help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and besides, they’re uncomfortable, so I’m not gonna wear one.”

  • aeshtron

    A 2016 peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found statistically meaningful advantages to wearing an oxygen restricting mask while exercising.

    “Effects of Wearing the Elevation Training Mask on Aerobic Capacity, Lung Function, and Hematological Variables” by
    John P. Porcari, Lauren Probst, et al

    “Only the mask group had significant improvements in ventilatory threshold (VT) (13.9%), power output (PO) at VT (19.3%), respiratory compensation threshold (RCT) (10.2%), and PO at RCT (16.4%) from pre to post-testing.”!po=0.588235

  • F3du5=RST5]GKSU#K8E-L”

    Keyfood on Montague Street

    So apparently following social distancing and basic hygiene isn’t being followed at this store.

    Horrible experience and interaction with the (older salt and pepper manager) and checkout employee.

    And this occurred during senior hours.
    1) before checkout waiting my turn until I’m told it’s ok to go.

    This older man tries to proceed up the narrow waiting line right in front of me and I tell to him to go around and come in back of me, don’t pass me here.

    The manager allowed the man to stay near the beginning of the narrow aisle line in front of me (off to the side but not 6ft)
    While I was first there. So I had to pass this guy in order to go to the register.

    (Older man was actually wearing a Trump Maga hat if you could believe that!) Hmmm that’s another topic. It was the bleach aisle, so maybe he was thirsty!

    Once I was at the checkout register the female employee was just opening up the register counting the money without gloves on and playing with her paper mask and touching her face, mask, and my food!

    I confronted her and asked her to put on gloves and stop touching your mask. I don’t want you touching my food with your bare hands after you did all of that.

    She grew confrontational and refused to put a pair of gloves on even after I offered her an extra pair of my own.

    I dump the $400 amount of food I was about to buy and I’ll never return to this place again.

    4,000 positive cases of Corona in NY State each day, no wonder why cases are still high.

  • SongBirdNYC

    Thank you for being a courteous and conscientious neighbor. I agree everyone should wear a mask, I agree their are rude walkers. But walkers aren’t zooming past people, sweating, and huffing out large clouds of of respiration on narrow sidewalks and the Promenade. I mean seriously-where is The Brooklyn Half or Ny Road Runners Club in all of this?

  • SongBirdNYC

    UGH, I’ve spoken to the manager several times about their sub par crowd control. Nothing changes. I’m never going back.

  • BH Mike

    Your fear doesn’t end my freedom to decide whether or not I choose to wear a mask or not as long as I follow proper social distancing protocol.

  • Emily W

    I’m sorry folks have had bad experiences–I’ve been impressed with how well they’ve managed a tough situation. If I go to shop and it looks busy I simply come back–I’ve found that the middle of the day, rather towards opening or closing hours, is pretty quiet. If I go in and the produce aisle is busy, I circle to dairy and then work my way backwards.

    I also think they’ve done a really good job keeping most things in stock. Truly feel for the workers and I’m thankful they keep returning to work every day, I think many of them are coming via the subway.

    All in all, no situation is perfect but I do think they’re trying to keep a safe environment. These NYC supermarkets are really tough because the aisles are so tight.

    Certainly recommend using Invisible Hands which will pick up groceries for you for free if you don’t feel safe going to the store.

  • SongBirdNYC

    Yeah it’s a very tough situation. But, as an Event Production person, I gave Management very specific suggestions about how to help customers keep safe distance from one another. For example, make the narrowest aisles one way. Second, if you are going to let people queue up in a specific aisle, put up large signage and/or actively direct customers to go down the adjacent aisles and line up from the back, NOT squeeze past the front of the line. Elderly customers can be held at the front of the line at a safe distance. There is literally no excuse for not knowing how to do this stuff now.

  • L

    Your “freedom” to not wear a mask does not exist. See

    And you’re not following proper social distancing protocol if you’re running down the narrow sidewalks of, say, Joralemon Street. It’s simply not possible to get six feet away from anyone on the sidewalks of Brooklyn Heights.

    Make an effort to be a decent human being and a responsible member of your community.

    If you must run maskless (a look that goes well with your MAGA hat), please do it somewhere else.

  • gc

    My guess is that the majority of people without masks in the Heights and down in BBP are members of the “entitled” crowd.
    Rules the rest of us follow don’t apply to them.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Both of these things can be true at the same time: 1. Sidewalks on Joralemon Street (or most of the Heights streets) are too narrow to allow social distancing without mask-wearing during daytime hours with normal pedestrian volume. 2. The law doesn’t require mask wearing in situations where you can maintain social distancing (running in the street during the day, running on the sidewalk in early morning or at night).

  • BH Mike

    You are wrong. I don’t have to wear a mask as long as I maintain proper social distance. Which I do. I’m not a runner. If I go into a store I wear a mask. However, I refuse to wear a mask outside as long as I maintain social distance. I don’t care if my attitude offends you.

  • BH Mike

    Wearing a mask is not a rule or a law if maintaining proper social distancing. Nothing to do with entitlement. Everyone likes telling others how to behave.

  • L

    It’s kind of obvious that you don’t care. You don’t really have to state it outright.

  • BH Mike

    You all come across as so self righteous when you start telling people that they should wear masks.

  • Jack

    I want to hear more about why it’s bad the person wore a MAGA hat?

  • L

    I’m not self-righteous. I’m just someone in a high-risk group who doesn’t like having his life endangered by someone who doesn’t feel like wearing a mask.

    But, hey, freedom!

    You do you.

  • L

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with wearing a MAGA hat, or being a conservative in general.

    But there’s certainly a correlation between being a MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporter and believing this is all a hoax, or at least exaggerated, and not that big a deal, and we should all just open everything up and get back to work and stop wearing masks and stuff.

  • Jack