84th Precinct Crime Blotter

Cops are investigating whether an incident last Saturday involving one older boy and three younger teens is related to the recent spate of similar crimes in the neighborhood. On April 25, an 18-year-old was mugged as he was walking westbound on Livingston Street at 7 pm. The boy was between Court and Clinton streets when three younger boys surrounded him and demanded his money. Cops quickly arrived at the scene, and arrested the three youths, ages 13, 13, and 15.

In other news, a man robbed the Sovereign Bank on Atlantic Avenue at Court Street on April 24, making off with $18,000. The incident happened just before 11 am when the man walked into the bank, skipped the line, passed the teller a note demanding the cash and threatening to shoot her. Cops said the man did not display a gun or otherwise injure anyone, but the teller handed over $18,000 without asking questions, and not in a dye-pack bag. Cops are searching for the 5’8” Hispanic man, who weighs 160 pounds and is around age 20.

There were a series of subway muggings this week. First up, on April 21, a woman was walking up the stairs at the Hoyt Street 2/3-train station just before 11 pm, when a man ran up from behind her, grabbed her purse, and raced out of the stairwell. He made off with $150, her cellphone, and wallet.

Then, on April 23, a perp grabbed a woman’s iPhone on the northbound F-train, just as it was leaving the Bergen Street station. The woman told cops she was playing with the phone at 7:50 pm, when suddenly the man grabbed it and darted out of the train. She and a fellow straphanger chased after him, but the perp whipped out a box cutter, threatened them, and ran off. Cops caught up with him, grabbed the 16-year-old punk, and recovered the woman’s phone.

There were two break-ins this week, one at a smoke shop on Schermerhorn Street and the other in DUMBO. On April 21, two perps smashed through a shop’s glass window, on Schermerhorn Street near Court Street, and stole $300 cash. A witness told cops he watched as one man smashed the window, left and came moments later with a friend, who was carrying a large white bag. The two entered the store around 11:15 pm, and the man called the cops.

The other incident was in DUMBO on April 22, when a man broke into a storage closet around 9 pm in a building on Main Street, between Front and Water streets, by opening the unlocked doors. The man made off with $1,200 worth of construction and cleaning equipment, cellphones, and a handtruck.

And, lastly, beware of your surroundings. A perp stole a woman’s wallet as she was shopping in a store on Court Street, at Remsen Street. The woman was picking out her items at noon on April 23, but realized 40 minutes later that her wallet was gone. By the time she called her credit card company, someone had already racked up a $680 charge on Metrocards and at Radio Shack. She also lost $500 cash.

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