Purchase Building Site Paved Over


From the BHB Inbox word about the Purchase Building site:

On Friday, construction crews were blacktopping the space where the Art Deco building stood. A construction worker (low level) thought the space may be open to the public by summer. We’ll see. It is a large space but hot blacktop in heat is not fun and I’m guessing it won’t be available.

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  • Josh

    It’s going to be the site of the Brooklyn Flea on Sundays come June 14th: http://www.brownstoner.com/brownstoner/archives/2009/04/brooklyn_flea_e.php

  • my2cents


  • Endeavor

    Blacktop is all we get? This was meant to be a nice plaza with bluestone and landscaping that connected it with Empire State Park and all we get is essentially a parking lot. When does the DOT move in it trucks for the construction on the Brooklyn Bridge?

  • epc

    I don’t understand, weren’t all of the park plans under the Bridge canceled until DOT finishes sandblasting the Bridge some time in the next century?

    It appears from paint markings on New Dock street that there will be a fence truncating New Dock at approximately the back of the Tobacco Warehouse, which is disappointing to me as the end of New Dock is a nice quiet area to walk dogs.

  • Brooklyn Guy

    After the Purchase building was razed at the urging of the BBPDC to open the view and provide additional park/programming, the State DOT decided that it would use the site as a staging area for upcoming repairs/painting of the BB – for a few years. This would certainly interrupted plans by the BBPDC & BBPC to use the space for a temporary ice rink this winter and for other programming. Now, I believe that the DOT will use the parking lot that straddles the BB between Prospect, Old Fulton, and Main (and eliminating 350 parking places). So, I guess the site is now available for programming.