200 Evacuated From The A Train At High Street

Update: I hadn’t seen Mary Frost’s Eagle story when I posted this, but she kindly sent me a link. I think the Eagle’s estimate of 200 passengers is more likely correct than the Daily News’ estimate of 600, which seems a lot for an early Sunday morning train. I’ve changed the headline accordingly. Trevor Boyer of the Daily News reports that this morning (Sunday, September 8) approximately 600 passengers had to be evacuated from a Brooklyn bound A train while it was halted because of an emergency brake application in the tunnel connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. The passengers were led out of the stalled train by subway personnel, then loaded onto another train that had been sent to pick them up. They were taken on that train to High Street and evacuated there. One passenger was treated for minor injuries. According to the Daily News story, the initial report of the train’s being stopped occurred at 7:38 this morning, but the passengers did not get off at High Street until about 10:30. An FDNY report indicated that the emergency brake application may have been triggered by brake shoes contacting the third rail.

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  • Jorale-man

    Maybe that’s what happens when you’re driving 60-year-old trains with 80-year-old switching systems. #infrastructure.