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  • StudioBrooklyn

    For whatever it’s worth, Mike doesn’t leave his truck idling. What you’re hearing is the sound of his generator, which is WWII-era and has been restored multiple times. Not eco-friendly but well beyond his means to upgrade. He told me a new generator (without specifying whether that meant a much cleaner/quieter one) would run upwards of $11k. I’ve never done any serious fundraising before; do you think such a sum could be raised through a hyper-local grassroots effort? I’m not even sure where I’d start to coordinate such a thing but I’d be willing to try.

  • Bornhere

    They came down Henry, ATVs doing wheelies, completely stopping traffic, with one bike evidently assigned the task of blocking Joralemon Street movement. It was dramatic, loud, and actually pretty scary.

  • José

    Who are you that you’re coming on here calling it “juicy details”? I live at 25 Joralemon. A single dad of 3. And it’s bad when the press sensationalizes the tragedy, but worse when it’s someone online that is more interested in gossiping vs being part of a healthy community.

  • José

    And here you are again. Passing judgement without the facts. I’m one of the ones who has “profound stupidity” for purchasing what I consider a beautiful home and community. To be clear. It is not our basement. This is an area that lies underneath the BQE where our building happens to be one of two access points. The other is from Furman. That is just to start. Please don’t make assumptions or judgements on things you don’t know the facts to. It comes off as “trollish” and what happened here to this man and his family is tragic. José Rolón. A proud Resident of 25 Joralemon.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yes the NY Post has a great reputation for sensationalism, and they had more details than the Brooklyn Eagle story, hence “juicy details”. I was simply directing my neighbors to another source of information. Not sure why you have such a problem with that.

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL, Your other rebuttal just proved my judgement. You bought a home that is literally part of the BQE with a portal to an active cesspool below and being constantly swathed in noxious fumes from 150k vehicles a day. Oh and the vibrations from those 80,000 pound semi trucks hitting potholes must be a real charm…
    You obviously have the means to live most anywhere, yet that’s where you choose to raise you 3 children? Sorry but that qualifies as profound stupidity in my book.

  • Jose Rolon

    It’s so lovely to come back here and see this beautiful condescending comment from a troll who hides behind a post. I wouldn’t say you are a stand for your neighbors at all. Pretty vile and cowardly to call someone stupid or actions to be what you consider profound stupidity behind a blog. I would like you to come here to The Pumphouse Mews and share to all of us neighbors here (some who have been here since 1979) including our children (if you have the balls) and say how stupid we are. We actually have no vibrations in our building or any exposure to the fumes. If you were smart or an engineer, you would understand maybe how this building was done. I’m still wondering where you get off judging the way you do. I’m actually mortified you’re even a neighbor when everyone I’ve come across the last 4 years and have come to know many well are loving, supportive, actually love the building we specifically live in. I walk up Joralemon daily with my kids and everyone knows who we are and we know who our neighbors are constantly greeting each other. I’m shocked you exist here. And please, don’t talk about my means when you don’t know nearly enough about me or my family. I live here feeling blessed and extremely grateful that I even have a home to live in. Period. All this being said, I would highly request you show us all who you are. Be big enough. Be man enough. Because all I see is a nasty ignorant troll who passes judgement. My name is José Rolón. My apt is #1. My number is 917-514-4016. The rest is up to you.

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL, you post your real name address phone number on the Internet. I and I think most would consider that pretty stupid…

    More laughable is you started an argument with me and then call me a troll, the catchphrase wusses use when someone says something they don’t like or cannot handle.

    Talk about being mortified! Brooklyn once was a place where weakness was not tolerated, thus we developed thick skins. Now the population has become inundated with the product of sheltered parenting. People who grew up with “Safe zones”, “never being told no” and “trophies for merely participating”. Basically, thin skinned, weak-minded, imbeciles with no coping skills whatsoever. Y’all make me want to puke.

    You think I was hard on you? LOL you have no idea what used to go on here back in the day and this was one of the tamer neighborhoods…. I am a nice guy and hence won’t be showing up at your door, trust me, you really don’t want that.

    I call BS that you don’t feel any vibrations or get fumes from the highway. I used to live on Hicks and could feel the heavy trucks hitting the potholes and the windows facing towards the highway got much more soot than the ones facing away. That was 2 blocks away from the highway.

  • Jose Rolon

    I’m a public figure so I have nothing to hide. My phone and address is public as well. I’m someone who likes to talk face to face and not hide behind posts. And trust me. Your Brooklyn Heights neighborhood from back in the day (I know Jimmy well) doesn’t hold a candle to the neighborhood I grew up in. But it’s relative, so you’re forgiven. I laugh that you think I thought you were hard on me. LOL. I actually think you’re soft, weak, insecure, and seep with narcissism as I’ve read some of your other posts outside of this one. Lol. I was actually having tons of fun reading your other rants, and all of a sudden, I saw you without seeing you. You get off and feed off of these posts. You almost live for them. Lol. Regardless, I’ve said my peace and I have no doubt you’ll come back once again, because for you it’s far more important to be right and make others wrong (as also clear in your other posts), then to try to make our community better. My offer still stands regardless because I honor my word and much prefer anything in person. So much more productive. And I’m always respectful (until I don’t need to be) But you do you and I do me. All the best. José

  • Andrew Porter

    It might help if you would break your posts into paragraphs.

    Like this!

    And too much use of “LOL”…

  • Jose Rolon

    Yes, Andrew. You’re another one who likes to hear himself talk on these threads. Although I do love and obsess over some of your discovered BH photos. Always interesting and enjoyable.

    Do you feel better starting off your Monday after replying with something so insignificant? I at least broke this reply up in three paragraphs. Just for you though.

    Have a beautiful day.

  • Bill McBain

    The fake “no parking temporary construction zone” signs continue to be posted on east side of Columbia Heights between Middagh and Vine st. This is not zoned as a no parking zone, but these signs lead to local residents losing the parking on the hill by Hillside. The signs have been up for over 18 months. In the past I’ve asked NYPD parking officers and they have confirmed they are not legitimate and that the area is zoned for parking all times other than Tuesday apt side 830-10am. This weekend I received a cotice of an unpaid ticket from a month ago that I had never received. I disputed it this morning, but the judge decided that if there was a sign (even if fake) I was responsible. I have filed complaints with 311 and the DOT. I have shown fake signs to NYPD traffic Brooklyn north division officers. Does anyone have any suggestions how to reclaim these spots for our community to park? Has anyone ese been ticketed? This is the east side of street opposite 30-58 Columbia Heights (old Watchtower building).

  • Arch Stanton

    Dear Jose,

    I think this is getting a bit ridiculous, please take a step back and ask yourself if its really worth the time and jeopardizing your family over a couple of snarky comments made on a blog, really? You say you’re from some tough hood. Yet you lose your head over a few words and put your personal info in the internet to complete strangers, in what appears to be some twisted machismo sense of pride. Fortunately, I am not a psycho-nutcase but someone else reading this could be. This is the internet you just never know… Not a wise move considering you have kids at home. I implore you to remove you Info.

    For someone who is criticizing me for being judgmental, You are being pretty darn JUDGMENTAL. You say “I’m living for these posts” Ha, its just a mild amusement. I am not hiding behind anything, I am saying my true thoughts.

    Actually, I try to prove myself wrong, it just doesn’t happen that often. Ya see, I have a very high IQ yet I call myself an idiot (usually preceded with an expletive) at least three times a day. So don’t take it so hard, everyone is an imbecile now and then, including yours truly.


    The Arch

  • Jose Rolon

    Wow. Let me tell you what’s insanely ridiculous. Not at any point was I making threats or somehow coming from a “hey! Want to take it outside!”… but here’s what you see. You see my name is “José” and you use assume way too much including that I’m being “machismo”. How embarrassing. You see a man and assume I want to fight vs talk. The ONLY reason I brought up my upbringing is because YOU mentioned this neighborhood used to be one who raised people with thick skins…don’t think I’m the one who needs to take a step back.

    it was to be face to face and have a conversation and get you to understand that what you assume about this place and me might be incorrect. You were the calling me or my choices stupid. Came back again and basically told me (a few times now) now and judge my choices as a father.

    I am a single gay father who lost his husband when our son was 8 months old and we were 11 weeks pregnant with twins. I moved to Brooklyn Heights to have a new start. I love this neighborhood. I’m obsessed with it. I love the neighbors; from Jimmy who grew up here to the new neighbor who moved into my building last year. There’s a lot of love here. Then I come on to this blog and hear you feeding the sensationalization of the Post calling what happened here juicy. I come here to defend and you come back (because it seems we both like to hear ourselves talk) to hammer the point of how irresponsible and stupid my choices are.

    Someone who CONTINUES to do this behind a computer IS RIDICULOUS. And yes, troll-ish. I stood, stand, and will always stand, that if you’re going to feel so strongly, be a real neighbor and come have a real conversation.

    “Machismo”?! talk about assumptions

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh Jose, please I don’t assume I think your Hispanic name influenced my “Machismo” comment. I know perfectly well the “Macho attitude transcends all races, nationalities and sexual orientations, Here’s proof:

    Now I hope that put a smile on your face, you sang along a bit and many busted a few moves :)

  • Jose Rolon

    And now you assume because I’m gay I might smile and dance to this number??….

    Finally, you get something right.