Borough President Adams Weighs In On BQE Plans

We recently published a letter from a Brooklyn Heights resident to various elected officials, including Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, responding to what NYC Department of Transportation representative Tanvi Pandya told a neighborhood group concerning DOT’s intentions about the repair of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Borough President Adams has responded to our neighbor’s letter, as follows:

[T]hanks for reaching out and sharing the DOT comments. The plan will go through the ULURP process that includes the Borough President and Council. Both agencies are opposed to the DOT plan. We will be united to stand against it. Don’t be discouraged by the DOT words. Be encouraged by our united front against their proposal.



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  • Arch Stanton

    Comforting to hear his powerless, ceremonial office is against the DOT plan…

  • deancollins

    Hopefully he will get behind the plan to tunnel the 6 lane highway and turn the existing BQE into a money spinning parking lot/sloped garden as proposed because these parking spaces at $500pm will pay for the development upgrade.

  • Arch Stanton

    Not so fast. I’ll be generous.
    Assume 2000′ of parking spaces per level = 4000′ total / by 8′ per space = 500 cars X $500 per month = $3M year / Gross income, figure ⅓ overhead = $2M year profit divide by a minimum $2B increase in cost = 1000 years to amortize.

  • Arguendo

    Deeded Heights parking spaces sell for $400k (or more, depending on location and access). These could easily sell for more, depending on access factors. Using your supply figures, that’s $200+ million, a 10+% down payment on the project.

  • Arch Stanton

    It is highly doubtful public land for parking would be able to be sold off only to wealthy people. But even if it was and your numbers are accurate, that would only be 10% of the minimum additional cost, not the entire project.