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  • AEB

    As a French teacher of mine used to say after we, her class, had driven her to distraction with repeated unruliness: “Ça suffit!!”

    There is such a thing as being right AND insufferable. You’ve landed right there, Teresa.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yeah, I thought it might be but there is no rockabilly reference.

  • GHB

    Why do they insist on weeding the berm in BBP? It was lush and green and blended in with the trees behind it (looking from above.) Yesterday, they had guys with machetes cutting it all down. Now we have a big, ugly brown berm, as if it’s still winter.

  • Banet

    Because if they leave the weeds they’ll go to seed and then weed seeds will blow all over the park and they’ll have to fight weeds in an area 40x larger than they currently fight them. :-/