84th Precinct Crime Blotter

There was another mugging incident in the Heights this week — this time at gunpoint — between a group of young black males and a white teenager. A cop source at the 84th Precinct said they are investigating whether it is related to a recent spate of similar assaults.

The latest attack happened on April 11 around 8 pm, when the 15-year-old victim was walking along State Street, near Henry. He told cops that he noticed three black boys following him, so he crossed the street. The boys followed him, and one cut him off on the sidewalk, pulled out a gun, and said, “I got a gun, so don’t do anything or I’ll shoot you.” A second perp then said, “Give me your money, iPod, and phone.” The boy handed over his wallet, and then ran away, eastbound on State Street. He told cops the boys were between 11 and 14 years old, thin and all under 5’5”, and were all wearing dark hooded sweatshirts.

The Kinko’s on Court Street was robbed on April 5. The manager of the store, which is between Montague and Remsen streets, told cops that three perps came into the store around 2 pm. Two of the suspects distracted employees, while the third darted behind the counter and grabbed 90 color toner cartridges, worth $2,935. The three men then left, but cops are studying surveillance tapes to figure out whom they are.

And lastly, a perp stole a man’s bag as he was exiting the subway at Joralemon and Court streets on April 9. The victim told cops he was walking up the stairs at 6:30 pm and had his bag over his shoulder. Suddenly, a perp ran up to him, grabbed the bag, and ran away, making off with $80 and the man’s pair of expensive sunglasses.

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  • fezziwig

    the black kids have the feminized boys in the heights pegged as easy targets. i don’t blame the white boys they get the feminized bit from their fathers who gave up being men years ago. Only women are allowed to have balls in the heights.

  • Teddy

    So that’s the new routine, watch a movie with your friends and then do a little mugging in the Heights.

  • Publius

    Fezziwig: Are you gunning to be the BHB troll? Thanks for revealing your true colors.

  • nabeguy

    With a name like fezziwig, I’d personally be a bit reluctant to bring up the subject of the “feminization” of men. You should study your Dickens (no pun intended) before adopting him.

  • nabeguy

    Perfect solution. Turn the UA into the first dedicated Indy/Foreign multiplex. That will keep the riffraff (and most paying customers) away from the place.

  • Pierrepont


    Love that idea! Although that may have the unintended consequence of finishing off the Heights Cinema up on Henry — the other indie/foreign/fine arts theater in the area.