“Rats the size of burritos”: is Chipotle or Construction to Blame?

Update: Chipotle has now said they will get secure metal containers for their trash, the Eagle reports. Local residents have complained about very large, aggressive rats in the area along Montague Street between Clinton and Court near the Chipotle restaurant and the neighboring construction site, as reported by Mary Frost in the Eagle. Those complaining have noted that Chipotle puts out trash in plastic bags that rats can easily rip open. The Eagle story quotes a Chipotle manager as saying she never saw the rats until the construction began. The story also quotes Brooklyn Heights Association Executive Director Peter Bray as saying, “If there is no food available, the rats would not be foraging on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. It is incumbent upon Chipotle to put their garbage in rat-resistant containers.” The Chipotle manager also said, “the rats are not good for us, either.”

Rat image: clker.com.

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  • Andrew Porter

    You’d think they’d recycle their organic waste, like individuals have been doing. The organic waste is being accepted several days of the week at RecycleNYC booths at the farmer’s market maybe a couple of hundred feet away.

    Or maybe they just don’t care…