Increased Security at Brooklyn Bridge Park this Summer

The Eagle’s Mary Frost quotes Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation President Eric Landau saying that increased police presence and newly installed security cameras should prevent the sort of incidents that have troubled the Park during previous periods of warm weather.

The Eagle story also notes that Joralemon Street and Willowtown residents think that more needs to be done to thin the crowds heading to and from the Park along Joralemon. Their preferred solution: a Park entrance/exit to and from Montague Street.

Photo: Teresa Genaro

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  • Jorale-man

    In addition to security, I’d like to see the park management chip in for street and sidewalk cleaning on Joralemon St. They should realize that the park’s presence has not only raised safety issues in recent summers but cleanliness ones: the visitors often show a blatant disregard for the neighborhood and drop their litter or even throw up on the sidewalks, especially on weekends. The larger trash cans on corners have helped some but not entirely.

  • Andrew Porter

    I was also stunned by the expected five million visitors they expect, nearly all of whom will be reaching the park via the streets and sidewalks of Brooklyn Heights.

  • Arch Stanton

    Sounds like a vomitorium is needed at the park as well.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Good pun there Arch; works both ways.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yes you got it!

  • William Gilbert

    Why entry on Montague Street at all? The expense of building an entrance is not necessary. Close off the Joralemon Street entrance and allow park entry only on Atlantic Avenue and Old Fulton Street. A third entrance is not needed.

  • StoptheChop

    Once upon a time, BBP was intended to be a public park for Brooklynites and other New Yorkers, given how “underparked” Brooklyn is (based on the amount of parkland per capita)– before BBP’s top priorities morphed into being a development project/money maker/ tourist attraction. With a big “we’re the 800 pound gorilla now” directed at the communities (DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill) that actually advocated for and worked towards having a park. Given BBP’s overwhelming popularity, it would be nice if someone at City Hall actually cared about ameliorating any negative impacts.

  • Arch Stanton

    Another prime example of NIMBYist self absorption.
    It will never happen. The city will not, nor should, shut off Joralemon or any other street because you simply don’t like the increased foot traffic on your block.
    Besides, this has been brought up before and that idiot was told by the city, Joralemon is a route for fire and emergency vehicles…

  • Arch Stanton

    Actually, the park was a real-estate development scheme all along… Perhaps pushing the tourist sell was added later on…