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  • CassieVonMontague

    Kushner, while a White House advisor, sold an interest in one of the JW buildings to a company partly owned by the Japanese government, raising concerns over conflicts on interest:

  • CassieVonMontague
  • DIBS

    Clearly not a very sympathetic addition. What were they thinking?

  • CassieVonMontague

    They were thinking the same thing as the developers of 153 Remsen and 325 Henry. Limestone is expensive and thin sheet metal spandrels and mullions are not.

  • Robert Perris

    They were trying to design an addition that had the same proportions, color and vertical thrust as the original building but in a modern style. According to the Eagle article, the principal (and principled) objection was to a two-story addition, not the architectural design itself.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s a 1970s photo by me, showing the deplorable conditions when 60 Pineapple Street was being renovated, and things were being thrown out of the windows—and often missing their target:

  • redlola
  • CassieVonMontague

    Anyone know where to get a laser printer fixed?

  • martinlschneider

    Why is there so little notice about the Verizon outages plaguing the Heights since early December?. The outages and net connection shrinkages have driven us nuts. Verizon calls it major infrastructure repair. But they have put minor resources into it. The result is a dragging out of the horrible inconvenience and telecommunication problems of many people in the neighborhood since late November!
    . Complain. Report, Write to the NYS Public Service Commission. Seek public exposure. Those are things that the public can do.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Yup, my internet was out 4 days. Didn’t know it was a neighborhood problem.

  • Diesel

    I think these days you’re supposed to just buy a new one…

  • A Neighbor

    Yes, my land line has been out since November.

  • Heights Guy

    That is a disgusting proposed addition to a beautiful building.

  • MaggieO

    Verizon has a monopoly on our phone lines and they take advantage of it. Keep track of any service tickets you open with them, follow up, pester pester pester pester pester

  • Andrew Porter

    I had an Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 that I bought new in 1994 for $2800, which still worked fine. Really loved that machine!

    Alas, incompatible with my latest iMac. After trying numerous workarounds, finally gave up and bought a new Brother laser printer about a year ago. The old one is still down in my building’s recycling room, gathering rainwater and the like.

    I second Diesel’s advice.

    Oh, here’s what I had:

  • Andrew Porter

    I had all sorts of problems with my phones and DSL the last few years. Finally got tired of all Verizon’s excuses, and got Time/Warner Cable, now Spectrum, for phone/internet.

    All problems solved.

  • KXrVrii1

    “All problems solved” – don’t tempt fate…

    It is a sad state of affairs when Time Warner / Spectrum becomes the improvement.

    I actually added a Verizon landline because Time Warner was unreliable, and we wanted to still have phone service when the internet went out. I now also have a mobile wifi device for when Spectrum goes out.

  • Reggie

    ¿A qué se refiere esta “land line”?

  • DIBS

    They aren’t going to sink any money into repairing any old copper lines any more.

  • Reggie

    Agreeing with Diesel and Andrew. Eventually, it becomes impossible to buy toner or to download the driver for older but fully operable printers. I find it wasteful but that is the reality.

  • Elizabeth

    Anyone know what’s with all the scaffolding on Cadman + Clark, and now Pineapple Walk??

  • Andrew Porter

    They’re working on 101 Clark Street, and the same-age connected building on Clinton. Both structures are almost 50 years old, and the exteriors need work.

  • Elizabeth


  • Drowned World

    Good morning,
    Does anyone know the status/info of Iris Cafe Store 7 on Columbia Place? It has been closed for renovations for a bit.

  • steven424

    Is that a parking meter I see growing out of the sidewalk?

  • steven424

    Try searching for “Laser Printer Repair NYC”. I just did in Google and there were 152,000 links. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one or two that’ll work for you. For a price, many make house calls so you don’t have to lug a heavy unit on the subway. Good luck.

  • steven424

    Probably Local Law 11 work. Every building over a certain number of stories is required every few years to have it’s street-facing facade inspected by a licensed engineering firm and then repair in a timely manner all problems uncovered during the inspection.

    The law arose after a few incidents where pedestrians were killed or seriously injured by falling bricks and masonry that came lose during normal aging or due to other causes. Now almost every building has to be inspected.

  • Andrew Porter

    Parking meters were devices employed by cities in the 20th century to make people pay for the privilege of parking their cars on the streets. Before 1947, cars were not allowed to park on the streets in NYC.

    Parking meters were replaced by pay-and-display (in the UK), aka MuniMeters in NYC.

    Betcha didn’t know that there were two days of alternate side of the street parking, Tuesday and Friday, on most BH streets once. Changed when it was pointed out how clean our streets usually are, guy-from-across-the-street…