Car Crashes Into Lamp Post on Montague St. – Pedestrians Spared, The Lamp Post Not So Much

Our tireless resident journalist Mary Frost of the Brooklyn Eagle reports that a 2005 GMC Envoy jumped the curb on Montague St. and crashed into a “bishop’s crook” lamp post outside TD Bank today at about 1:15 p.m. The lamp post likely spared the lives and limbs of jurors, court staff, students, and others who descend on Montague St. for a banh mi or burger right around that time. The driver seems fine too, but no telling what made him lose control of a vehicle on a clear day, on a one lane street, when he legally could not be driving over 20 mph.

Less lucky was the lamp post which was unceremoniously disassembled and carted off to its final resting place. RIP “bishop’s crook” lamp post, we hardly knew ye.

TD Resize 2


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  • Jorale-man

    No surprise, that’s the Bad Vibes Block.

  • Banet

    Not 25 mph actually, only 20 mph. And honestly at that time of day it would be surprising if anyone broke 15 mph. Terrifying.

  • Mary Kim

    Thanks, Banet. Montague St. is within the neighborhood slow zone. I’ve corrected the post.

  • petercow

    So it was a robot car?

  • Banet

    Always happy to remind people that they should SLOW DOWN.

  • Claude Scales

    The Eagle story says a driver was removed from the car, and that he was “conscious and speaking.”

  • Banet

    I think Petercow’s point was the headline: “Car Crashes…”

    The car didn’t crash. The *driver* crashed the car. Assigning the crash to the car makes it seem that drivers aren’t responsible for operating their vehicles safely.

  • Claude Scales

    I was too tired to appreciate the subtlety.

  • Heights Guy

    Two kids died in park slope last week. This jacka$$ was lucky not to have killed someone with this stunt.

  • Banet

    Understood. With what you get paid to do this job, no ine’s complaining. ;-)

  • Banet

    2 kids who had a green and were in the middle of a crowded crosswalk no less. And NO charges were filed against person who hit them. Not even a “failure to yield” ticket. Disgusting.

  • petercow


    There was human agency involved here.

  • Andrew Porter

    That was not an original lamp post, but rather a reproduction. These were placed around the Heights starting in 2009. Here’s a NY Daily News article at the time about them:

  • Diesel

    I peed on that lamppost just the other day, Woof.