Another Court Hearing on Pier Six Towers Tomorrow Afternoon

Cobble Hill community activist Judi Francis has alerted us to another, and probably final, court hearing tomorrow, Tuesday, November 14, on the action brought by the Brooklyn Heights Association to prevent further construction (some work has already begun; at a previous hearing the judge refused to grant a temporary restraining order, but issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the developers from doing anything that can’t easily be undone should the court’s final decision go against them) of the proposed high rise residential towers on two parcels of land near Pier Six and the Atlantic Avenue entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Since then, a new judge has taken over the case, and at the immediately previous hearing she appeared to be receptive to the case being made by the BHA, urging the parties to seek compromise.

From Ms. Francis:

While always difficult to win an Article 78 [the type of proceeding the BHA has had to institute], we have a strong case, and after 13 years of near complete disregard for the needs of the community (i.e, school overcrowding, no new parklands despite the huge increase in residential population never studied in the park’s original EIS, violations of the Promenade’s view plane by gross overbuilding of the Pierhouses, and admitting they do not need the funds from this housing for the park’s maintenance), the city remains immovable and unwilling to consider alternatives to their housing plan. The city seems to have forgotten that the purpose of this project was to build a park for the recreational needs of residents that are here today, not a housing complex.

The hearing will begin at 2:45 PM at the New York Supreme Courthouse, 80 Centre Street in Manhattan, in the courtroom of Justice Carmen St. George. As Justice St. George has shown interest in the community involvement in this case, Ms. Francis is urging anyone who can to attend.

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  • Jake Stevens

    “The city seems to have forgotten that the purpose of this project was to build a park for the recreational needs of residents that are here today, not a housing project.” Well that seems to be a good summary of the ongoing elitist attack on leveraging development to build affordable housing and to create an amenity for all New Yorkers, not just those lucky enough to live in Brooklyn Heights. Are these the same people who complain about “outsiders” using “their” park?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    This has been examined endlessly; the bottom line is, this park was from the first, a cover story for very highly profitable real estate development which was politically impossible…unless you had he excuse that it was to support some great public facility to be used by thousands. Never mind that there is no physical facilities for such development, never mind that from the late eighties many clear eyed observers warned of very serious violence and other major security issues, something which has exactly come true. Never mind that you are very significantly increasing the use of an area Without increasing public safety resources, like more cops, fire and EMS… far as all the social and political psychobabble which has endlessly poured out of the park supporters/real estate industry shills…I suggest everyone look at the actual reality of this entire mega scam……