BHA Asks Court To Stop Construction Of Pier Six Towers

The Brooklyn Heights Association, which has sued the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and the developers to prevent construction of two high rise residential towers on the uplands of Pier Six in Brooklyn Bridge Park, reports that they received notice that construction would begin on July 19. This is one day after the next scheduled court date for the lawsuit. The BHA has made a motion to the court seeking a temporary or preliminary injunction prohibiting any construction activity until the court has ruled on the merits of the case.

The site of the smaller of the two proposed towers, facing Furman Street, has been surrounded by a plywood fence bearing a “Work in Progress: Residential” sign (see photo above).

IMG_8410Inside the enclosure is a stack of what may be foundation material, but no evidence of any work underway now.

IMG_8411The site of the larger proposed tower, closer to Pier Six, is also enclosed, with a “Work in Progress” sign.

IMG_8412Here there is a pile driver and a very large forklift, but again no evidence of activity. The Eagle reports that there have already been four test piles driven at each of the two sites.

Photos: C. Scales for BHB.

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  • Roberto

    We are fortunate that the Brooklyn Heights Association is so vigilant and on the case. Brooklyn Bridge Park has some good points, but its overreaching tendencies – condo complexes and luxury hotel – are clearly reminiscent of white settlers who “developed” the Old West.

  • Jorale-man

    Someday, future generations may look at the giant high-rises towering over parkland and ask, “what were they thinking?” It seems that BBP is hellbent on getting these built as quickly as possible, likely under the cover of darkness. But I hope this can be paused long enough for a considered look at whether these are really necessary. Remember, once they’re built, they can’t easily be undone.

  • W.R.

    We are very lucky to have not only the BHA but especially Richard and Carolyn Ziegler. Their intelligent, clear-headed and amazingly dedicated work has been awe inspiring. Plus the community is lucky to have a number of dedicated warriors who have kept the fight going — Judi Francis, Ren, and the members of the CAC including Linda DeRosa all of whom have given the fight a great deal of time and energy. The Park Corp exemplifies the perils of delegating public development projects to EDCs. Where else would one have such a blatant disregard for community commitments — such as building the minimum amount of housing necessary to fund the park? Even the Mayor, as a city council member, wrote in public comment that the buildings were too high and not contextual. How the Mayor and Park Corp can disregard the changed circumstances of school overcrowding and climate change in a 10 year old project continues to mystify as well. Let’s hope the judge understands the bad faith that the park corp has shown in its dealings with the community.

  • Robert Warren

    All of what is now seeing here is the
    carefully controlled Kabuki of developers/major financial instutions/neighborhood associations and the kept press. While some of the worst elements in the real estate field run amok the well controlled area associations issue valiant “challenges” via always stillborn civil actions. You’ll notice there is NEVER an approach to any local prosecutor. And especially not any U.S. Attorney. Listen folks, ONLY when these people try to put up a neighborhood damaging structure and that causes say, three or four key RE figures to be indicted on strong evidence will you see this kind of destructive behavior cease. When will you see the BHA or any other area associations seriously investigate any key RE figure? How about the darlings on the BPL board? ONLY when the sheeple stop believing in controlled groups and cause the above actions will you see this kind of progressive destruction of our way of life stop……

  • Arch Stanton

    Okay Jeff.

  • Bob Warren

    Well, what’s your solution? Let things spiral/go straight down? Some folks like to throw rocks and belittle/deflect any honestly offeredplan of action. So what’s your plan to slow or hault the destruction of the Heights way of life? We’re all waiting to hear this one….

  • Arch Stanton

    I have no plan or desire to save your perception of “the Heights way of life”, whatever it is. Things change, some for the better some for the worse but change is inevitable.