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  • gc

    Lost hospital, pseudo library, no Housing Works, construction at every corner and no fireworks on the 4th. Somebody please give me the upside to all of these losses.

  • JDF

    What happened to Great Wall? They were there at some point last week. Came back from a long weekend today and the lights are off, menu is down and kitchen looks dismantled. Rent hike? By no means gourmet food but at least they filled a need in the neighborhood.

  • willowgirl

    Does anyone know why the mailboxes in the Heights were locked this past weekend? Was it some sort of safety precaution because of the increased amount of tourists on the 4th?

  • AEB

    If this means the end of GW, well, sorry to hear it. For a long time it served as a running gag in posts here; but it exemplified the kind of community-serving mom-and-pop operation that is being priced out of of our nabe.

  • Jorale-man

    Fewer crowds on the Fourth might be an upside. Though, as expected, there were a lot of people walking over to the Promenade last night, apparently unaware of the change of location.

  • middaghmatron

    Probably. This is pretty typical when a neighborhood expects a lot of crowds, ex. Midtown on New Year’s Even.

  • Danaca

    That’s very sad to hear. So many memories. I think it was maybe 25 years ago when Itzhak Perlman performed at Great Wall. A standing-room-only recital, obviously. Acoustics weren’t the best, but no one was complaining.

  • rss

    And no movie theater either.

  • gc

    Another thing we sorely miss.

  • bartac

    All anyone’s going to want to talk about is the Perlman performance, but Great Wall was truly one of the culinary gems of the borough. Ignored because of some poor choices with regard to presentation. But it was always about the food at GW.

  • AEB

    Not about the ambiance and warm service? Not about diners eating out of Styrofoam containers with plastic cutlery at the small tables? “These foolish things….”

  • Annanymouse

    Ah yes, the Great Wall! Aka “the roach restaurant” acc to my kids. Don’t ask! Will not miss it.

  • Porcelain God

    I agree totally. The place was a filthy dump that made me sick a few times. I ate there about 5 times. Thats a bad record in my opinion. And when I say sick I mean sick ,praying to and bowing on the porcelain god. Good riddance. This proves how horrid the food options in the nh really are. Pathetic that people miss this dive.

  • meschwar

    And the Chinese options overall are severely lacking. Lichee Nut is the best, and they’re certainly nothing special.

  • Nancy S Goodman

    Has anyone seen the sign in Key Food’s window that says 4000 sq ft commercial space available Fall 2017? Is Key Food going out also?

  • Claude Scales

    The sign says 2nd floor space at 160 Montague, which indicates the space now occupied by the hot yoga place.

  • Jorale-man

    Some pictures of the new section of Brooklyn Bridge Park:

    There was once a time when anything park-related generated a verbose and lively discussion on this site. I’m not sure what happened – if it’s park fatigue or summer readership being down, but it’s surprising that no one’s even mentioned this yet. Thoughts?

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s my photo of some fireworks for you, from when the World Trade Center Towers were still in the background:

  • Andrew Porter

    I was told the rent was increased to $10K a month, which they couldn’t afford. So it’s gone. Not that I ever patronized the place. My days of often eating Chinese take-out are long over.

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw that, reached the same horrible (and wrong) conclusion, then realized, as you did, that it’s the hot yoga place. Founder of Hot Yoga Bikram Choudhury recently in legal troubles, which might have affected his empire.

  • Andrew Porter

    I much prefer the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where I can lay on the grass, enjoy the flowers, all a 20-minute subway ride away. Getting to this from where I live is a hike.

  • Andrew Porter

    Time for more really old BH postcards. Here’s the Brooklyn Eagle Building, with the Courthouse (now Post Office and Bankruptcy Court) in the foreground, at the corner of Johnson and Washington (now Cadman Plaza East). Unless I already sent this through…

  • Andrew Porter

    In celebrity news, Lena Dunham sold her old homestead in Mansion House. Details here:

  • Roberto

    Please, where did you find about the rent hike?

  • Andrew Porter

    I was told about it; I don’t have any first-hand knowledge.

  • Arch Stanton

    Don’t quite buy your claim, unless you admit to being an idiot. Who goes back to a restaurant that made them sick after the first time, the second time or several times?
    In the hundreds of times I have eaten there, I only experienced one bad meal, didn’t make me sick, just wasn’t up to their usually high standard.

  • Arch Stanton

    Sounds like the board of the Kremlyn (Kremlin/Cranlyn) didn’t want them there any longer. Nobody’s going to pay 10k for what 600-700 square feet?

  • Arch Stanton

    Actually, Great Wall almost consistently had an “A” rating from the Department of Health. Sure the place wasn’t much on decor but the food was quite good.

  • Arch Stanton

    It says 2000 sq ft, in addition to the other items you failed to mention…

  • Porcelain God

    I work late a lot and there arent many places open late so I did what I had to do and ordered. Not ideal but after a 12 hr shift I played roulette.