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  • KXrVrii1

    Embarrassment seems to be a good way to get people to pay their debts. Also, it arguably is better for tenant, as it ensures they have receive multiple forms of notice before service is discontinued.

    The Spaniards, by the way, take it to another level:

  • Romona H

    You know, no matter how bad an outrage or an abuse is, in government or the private sector, there are always (who are never victims themselves) who will argue that the abuse is somehow reasonable because a) the victims somehow deserved it and b) because, hey, it could have been worse and things ARE worse elsewhere. People like this are exactly the ones who facilitate the decline of any society into what lies below them. The prevention of which is exactly what I am doing here.

  • Andrew Porter

    When is this year’s Cranberry Street Fair? I found this gorgeous website, but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a long time:

    Meanwhile, the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 125 Henry Street, will hold its annual Oktoberfest on October 7th, 3:30-8pm (rain or shine).

    “Come join us for a celebration of German culture featuring food, live music, dancing and more!” reads the flyer. “Dinner features bratwurst, sauerkraut, red cabbage, potato salad, beer and soda, dessert, tea and coffee.”

    For info, e-mail , or call (718) 852-24553

    The church needs a new pastor; requirements are here:

  • B.

    People who do not pay their bills or their debts are not “victims.” Far too many people who claim they cannot pay their bills and cry poverty also have cable TV and the latest gadgets; I have two distant cousins who pull the same thing, and I always tell them that they can live without cable TV, as I do.

    The same holds true for our president, who tends not to pay his contractors and instead sues them until they can’t pay their legal bills. He’s no victim either.

  • Ramona H

    Well, then why do we have several layers of fair collect ion acts both on a federal and State level? The various quasi libertarian think aside, after Years and years often very questionable behaviors strong limits were placed on collection practices nationwide. The question here how reasonable is it to do what natlgrid did in this case? And the overall circumstances was the length of arrears and dorrar amount owed which triggered this action reasonable. And is posting in public debt amounts reasonable ever and in a community like the Heights?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Agreed; but I think you could strike the last phrase “and in a community like the Heights”. We’re not more deserving of having our dignity and privacy respected than any other neighborhood.

  • Banet

    Claude, I’m glad you agreed and pulled the post. Thanks for keeping us classy. :-)

  • gc

    Tough call. Not 100% sure that I agree.