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  • evo34

    Hi. I’m looking for recommendations for a dentist and for a primary care physician. Prefer BK Heights area, but willing to travel for quality. Thx!

  • ykwthis

    At 7:30 AM the whole area around Clark and Henry inc Monroe etc was vibrated to what felt and sounded like a huge drilling rig. what the _____!!! Aside from annoyance, shaking a whole area has a lot of destructive effects on surrounding properties.

    And since were on unexplained threatening urban phenomena, did anyone notice the huge black cloud that went up yesterday PM over Metrotech? I and a worker were out at Sunset 48th St and it looked like some really bad truck fire or ????? Wow, it was BIG!!!

  • Joey

    The Insurance Building located at the southwest corner of Clinton Street across from Packer always has garbage around it near the Citi Bike rack. Garbage gets picked up and there is still trash all over the place. I wish the building super was more attentive to the cleanliness in front of the building.

  • KBells40

    Dr. Andrij Gouz on Atlantic in Boerum Hill… a friend (the daughter of a dentist) steered me to him a few years back and I’ve been very happy with the quality of care and the efficiency of the office.

  • MaryT

    I heard something similar last night, started after 11pm. Might have been Sandy work underground. Argh. But that stops before 5am, right Claude?

    Anyway, ambient rumbling has increased lately. Would like to know the what/where/when..

  • MaryT

    I noticed it, too. Trash on Joralemon has been an issue ever since it’s become a route to the BBP. I don’t know whether buildings are responsible for cleaning up after the hordes. Might be a DOS or BID complaint.

  • Claude Scales

    Right. At least that’s when the tunnels are opened to train traffic.

  • Joey

    I totally agree. However, it seems to me that a lot of trash comes from the bags that the building puts out. To me, that would make it an issue for the building to deal with.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Try out the new Notify NYC mobile app if you you want to stay informed about street closures, fireworks, etc.

    It notified me that there will be fireworks over Ellis Island tonight at nine and an F/A-18 flyover tomorrow morning at eleven.

  • Remsen Street Dweller
  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Can anyone recommend a great tax person in or around the neighborhood? Please post here and/or email me at

  • Dalvec

    you can try the mobile tax van that’s always on Montague…:)

  • Mary Kim

    Del Prete & Cheng on Atlantic Avenue are local, fairly-priced and dependable.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Thank you!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Not exactly what I had in mind, but good to know about jus the same.

  • Jorale-man

    It’s a pigpen around that intersection. 150 Joralemon’s cleaning staff seems asleep at the switch and the Rite Aid is negligent too. More and more, I think we need a good heavy rain to wash things down. As long as buildings don’t hose their sidewalks, it’s our best line of defense.

  • MaryT

    Ah. So these building(s) may have an obligation. I’m thinking, take photos and follow up with their management. Might want to also notify Steve Levin’s office

  • MaryT

    Dr. Anne Crenesse (on Remsen) for primary care. Also, her office is calm and staff are helpful.

  • Andrew Porter

    I highly recommend Dr. Moshman, 89 Remsen Street. Here’s the website for him, his son, his father, and the other people there:

  • Andrew Porter

    A belated post of a Heights postcard brings this old view of the court and Post Office at the corner of Johnson Street and Cadman Plaza East, formerly Washington Street. Before the 1930s addition, there was a theater there, visible in the foreground. Behind the familiar tower of the PO, you can see the Brooklyn Eagle building, another victim of the demolition that created Cadman Plaza Park.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Brooklyn Paper did an article on the amazing duplication of street names in Dunlap, Iowa with those here, interviewing me, the mayor there and others. Read it here:

    Street map from Dunlap:

  • MaggieO

    I’ve noticed this over the past couple weeks too. There seem to be some ongoing issues with folks coming by and digging through the trash. This is not to excuse building staff from their obligation, just something I’ve noticed that makes their job more challenging.

  • Arch Stanton

    Not only that but there is also town named Brooklyn, in Iowa.

  • Andrew Porter

    29 places named Brooklyn in the USA; there’s also a Brooklyn in South Africa:

  • StudioBrooklyn

    There’s a Brooklyn and a Brooklyn Heights near Cleveland, Ohio (if I recall correctly).

  • Jorale-man

    Worth trying, it seems. I know 311 includes a complaint option for dirty sidewalks too (whether anyone ever follows up on it is another question but it can’t hurt, IMO).

  • Ramona H

    Here’s a new one…Nationalgrid has a new “embarrassment” program in the Heights; Now if you owe money on your account, they come ring your bell and let’s say you’re at work, they leave a red and black high visibility DOOR TAG with your NAME, Apt #, and THE AMOUNT YOU OWE!!!

    This for all your neighbors, or anyone else to openly see!!!! It happened to three of my neighbors, two in my building and one next door. Also it’s more than surprising the low dollar AMOUNT that this action triggers. One of my neighbors on Hicks also found door tags on her apt bldn front door. And two natlgrid collection men at the street door telling a fellow Tennant that they would access the basement and turn off the gas unless he paid immediately and they accepted credit cards or checks. They also left door tags for Tennant’s who did not respond to the bells.

  • Claude Scales

    You recall correctly. I have a Google alert for “Brooklyn Heights,” so I get occasional news from Ohio. There’s also a section called Brooklyn Heights in Baltimore, a luxury high-rise development called Brooklyn Heights on the outskirts of Bangalore, India, and a Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria in Austin, Texas.

  • Andrew Porter

    This sounds like a scam. National Grid would NEVER ask for anyone to give a person in the street their credit card number or cash payments.

    Here’s a link to their site, to their “ways to pay”:

  • Romona H

    All that doesn’t speak to the question of whether a major public utility should be posting notices in the public view showing residents names with amounts they owe!!

    And to your quibbles: Well, my neighbors who “received” the knob hangers DID acknowledge that they owed the amounts written on the “notices” and one called Natl Grid customer service and she related that they indicated that collection agents WERE in the Heights. And it was check or cc scan
    accepted not cash.