Yes, Matt Damon Likely Will Be Your Neighbor

The Real Deal, citing a Wall Street Journal story that’s behind a paywall, reports that actor Matt Damon is in contract to buy the penthouse at The Standish, 171 Columbia Heights. According to the Real Deal, if the sale goes off at the asking price of $16.645 million, it could set a new record for Brooklyn.

Several years ago Damon was considering the purchase of the mansion at 3 Pierrepont Place. It’s said he lost interest after St. Ann’s refused to bend its rules to let his kids in after the admissions deadline.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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  • Arch Stanton

    I was simply sticking to the “Hollywood” topic, foreign films were put aside. Sorry I didn’t guess your #1, I should have known.

  • Claude Scales

    Here’s the anti-Triumph of the Will:

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    It’s just a figure of speech…employed by racists.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Now that you have vented your spleen…and even this has nothing to do with BH, I can give you a short example of what, and truth be told, the average American has increasingly become since the madness or the mid sixties on…

    Imagine you are a psych or worker in a mental hospital and due to a security disorder or natural disaster the inmates gain control of the ward or the whole facility. The majority of the staff flees for their safety and now the patients are the vast majority of person’s left in the ward or building. patients are walking nude, smashing things, howling, setting fires, threatening others, then some more functional crazy comes to you and asks you why aren’t YOU doing what “everyone else” is doing?…Answer this geniuses, do you as the doctor or staff, feel that you would or should do what the now vast majority now in the ward are doing. DO you have the moral right to now engage in destructive or anti social behavior because it’s now become it’s become generalized at that moment in the local society?
    Integrity, dopeys is holding to principals, not present convention or convenience.

  • Uncle Jeff

    First of all Claude, as you know, I’m personally more of a Monarchist, So…but I remember see this as a small child as a short in a Manh. film festival I was taken to and being amused, but also wondering what was the CAUSE of what I was seeing…

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL Priceless!

  • ykwthis…

    Boy oh boy, is there a PRESENT “musical” on YouTube I could mention which if all of you were given access to, which is a fully accurate document, would prob melt the BHB down…hint: think Celine Dion really at her best….

  • StudioBrooklyn

    People like Matt Damon are clamoring to move to this “insane asylum” of yours, paying very high prices for real estate and so on. You must think they are insane too. I hope you’ll indulge a few more questions…

    1. You think you are not only sane, but the only sane person in a place (Brooklyn Heights? the whole metropolitan region?) where everyone else, aside from you, is not only insane but violent and destructive as well?

    1a. Why do you stay? Nobody forces you to live here. If you are so “sane”, why do you insist on living “among mad people” (to quote Lewis Carroll)? Don’t you agree that this is not a sane thing to do? Sure, you might have been here long enough to have been grandfathered into a nice low rent-controlled situation (thanks to a cabal of liberal politicians of yesteryear), or perhaps you own your home. But are you so destitute that this prevents you from moving to a place where you feel people are more “sane”, or where you don’t feel so threatened? Do you expect the “asylum” to be delivered back into the hands of the “psych workers”, and if so, by what means? And if you are a psych worker in this analogy, what are you doing to care for the needs of your wards?

    1b. What sort of violence and destruction has been directed at you, and by whom? Do you have any specific examples of this? Do you think it’s because of who you are (an elderly white man) or because of your beliefs?

    2. This part is more off-topic but you have never denied the suggestion that you are a white supremacist. This is interesting. Would you say you are a neonazi? Do you think that white Christian men are inherently more valuable as human beings than everyone else? How would you characterize your beliefs, in specific terms? Do you think it would be acceptable to commit genocide against other groups of people, and if so, which ones?
    2a. Out of curiosity, what do you think of the President? As a white supremacist, do you feel he is looking out for the interests of that particular ideology?

  • Moni T

    Matt Damon is an excellent actor with an impressive body of work. Definitely ranks as a “celebrity”. Get off your outdated high horse.

  • Moni T

    If you knew it, you should have zipped your lips.

  • Ben shemesh

    Nice add on to the neighborhood . if he ever needs carpet cleaning for the house he can ask for us :