St. Ann’s School Makes Post’s Page Six: Door Closed for Matt Damon’s Kids

Page Six of the New York Post, your local source for all things Kardashian and their ilk, reports that St. Ann’s School is “too exclusive” for the children of actor Matt Damon, who is moving from L.A. to New York. Reading through the short piece, it becomes evident that this wasn’t an incident of snobbishness (“What? Only one Academy Award?”) but one of strict fidelity to the rules. When Damon applied, the classes for next academic year were filled. Rather than bend the rules a little to accommodate a celebrity’s kids, as the Post piece quotes “an insider” as saying other private schools would, St. Ann’s held firm.

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  • StudioBrooklyn

    I have to say, I’m a little grossed out that this made the news. I feel bad for Matt Damon’s family. Getting one’s kids into one’s school of choice isn’t easy for anyone in this city, I wouldn’t want my family’s struggles strewn all over the internet.

  • Arch Stanton

    It may have been a cloud with a silver lining. I went there for a couple of years and remember it as being academically bankrupt.

  • Banet

    I think it’s changed quite a bit. The students I know who attend are some of the most articulate kids I know. And when it comes to getting graduates into elite colleges they have what’s considered one of the best track records in America. Just sayin’.

  • Concerned

    Can you cite to any information about St. Ann grads getting into elite universities? I’m not doubting the claim. I’d just like to see what 40k a year without grades, gets a kid. Thanks.


    I agree with you. Over the years I have met many grade school age children from St. Ann’s. Without getting into a debate wether non testing is good or bad; the kids who go to that school are definitely creative, independent thinkers who are taught that any line of thinking is within the norm. This school of thought is not for everyone.

  • Banet

    Sure. My info comes from 3 places:

    1. Every single recent St. Ann’s graduate I know in the neighborhood has gone off to one of the top schools in the country: Amherst, Columbia, Brown, etc.

    2. It’s hard to find but St. Ann’s publishes a list of where last year’s class went to college and where they got into college. Take a look at the link below. I think you’ll be duly impressed. In looking over the schools with the students attended I can honestly say I’d be thrilled if my children went to 95% of the listed schools.

    3. My third source was an article that ran in the WSJ about 5 or 10 years ago. It compared all the private schools of NYC and how many went to a list of “elite”schools as chosen by the WSJ. ( as I recall the list of schools was about a dozen long. Mostly Ivies, and then Williams College, Stanford University, University of Chicago, etc.) St. Ann’s had the highest percentage of grads of any school in the city attending these schools.

    All of this said I’m not sure any of it matters. I honestly question whether a college education is a good investment for the children born today. When you think about the four years of lost wages, the exorbitant cost of what college will be 18 years from now, the likely additional lost wages and additional tuition of grad school to be able to earn a big salary, the glut of lawyers, the changing prospects of doctors… I don’t know that college is the answer.

    Hey! All the better that I can spend $40,000 a year for 13 years to teach my child to be a creative, independent thinker before they even get to college! St. Ann’s here we come! :-)

  • Concerned

    Yes. This is an impressive list. Thank you.