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  • Banet

    The guy you’re talking about — with reddish hair — also wears a puffy orange parka all winter. He’s a harmless local drunk, at least according to a friend who lives on Joralemon. And yes, he mutters some odd comment of some sort EVERY time he passes me and I’m utterly boringly normal looking.

  • Alden Pyle

    Yes, that sounds like him. He does seem pretty harmless.

  • Warren Smith

    After years of unremitting hostility and assaults, you guys have the nerve/temerity/chutzpah to ask fo clients or sources…humor is not your long suits….yupoid/millenial are really amazing in what they think they can get away with…

  • ykwthis

    You know, I respect and like flatheads but, unless they are Ardun people, they have really limited thinking….

  • Reggie

    Look, Jeff, you make a lot of claims that those of us who know you to some degree find unbelievable. It is perfectly natural for someone like me to give you the chance to prove your credibility. By repeatedly declining to accept the opportunity, you only lend credence to the common conception that you are a bulls#it artist.

  • ykwthis

    In the past I’ve named a range of key NGO’s I and others I’m associated with monitor. Like the Club of Rome, Foreign Policy Association, The Association for the United Nations and a (large) gaggle of others (who shape policy in this country entirely extra governmentally) I mentioned what happened in the Brook Club then they discovered Spotlights being distributed in their august halls etc.

    I mention these day to day activities to make pleasent, reasonably intelligent conversation.

    But make no mistake, it doesn’t matter to me if you, or anyone here believes what I say, or not. I could care less. first because facts stand on their own and second, as said many times before this, nebula generally tend to be unconcerned when Lilliputians shout insults at the heavens.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Today is 9-11…..please consider placing your personal business aside and attending one of the many memorials being held today.

    If you cannot attend a memorial, please stop today think and say a prayer in remembrance for the losses we all sustained on that terrible day and since….