Busy Chef Space on Henry Now a Free Agent

Looks like eviction proceedings against the many faces of the Busy Chef Empire were successful as this NYC Marshall’s notice posted at 60 Henry Street indicates.  No official word yet on whether bakery Sweet Melissa will take over the space.

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  • beth

    I noticed this morning there was a big for rent sign, all of the paper was taken off the windows, and the doors were open — to show prospective tenants?

    Would reaaaaaaaaaaallly like to see Sweet Melissa there!!

  • jessica

    That space is wayyy overpriced and ugly…..

  • LS

    When is the wine bar reopening? Or has it already?

  • nabeguy

    Wine Bar is still waiting on DOB approvals for occupancy. Small wonder the city is going broke. The place has been ready to go and start putting tax dollars into the coffers for over a month, and it gets hog-tied by red tape.

  • cummintogetya

    When Is Kaufman going to Jail?

  • cummintogetya

    Does any one know if the DA in Boston has served the co-conspireters in his scam to defraud. Has the AG attached Kaufmnans parents property?