Sweet news! New Sweet Melissa’s in Busy Chef Spot on Henry?

Sweet Melissa Patisserie in Cobble Hill (photo courtesy Murphy)

Sweet Melissa Patisserie in Cobble Hill (photo courtesy Murphy)

Sweet Melissa’s Patisserie may be moving into the neighborhood by early summer — and taking over the former Busy Chef and Blue Pig spots at 60 Henry St.

Owner Melissa Murphy told the Brooklyn Heights Blog today that she’s always wanted to open in Brooklyn Heights, and that she’s had her eye on that corner at Cranberry Street for a while. She’s even scouting potential investors to help her with the expansion, she said.

“We’re trying to see if something’s possible,” Murphy said. “We’re really acting as if it’s going to happen, and we’re hoping that the universe helps us figure it out.”

There are two other Sweet Melissa’s in Brooklyn — one at 276 Court St. in Cobble Hill and one at 175 Seventh Ave. in Park Slope. The patisserie is best known for its cakes and other confections, all of which Murphy creates herself. Last spring, she opened an ice cream shop and sundae bar, and she said she wants to open a second creamery in the former Blue Pig spot.

As for the timing, Murphy said she hopes something can happen by early summer, depending on how negotiations go.

And, for the record, former Busy Chef partner Alan Young is still involved in the storefronts, but Murphy said she is in talks with him to fully take over the space.

“We’re looking for a deal that works for both of us so that Alan Young doesn’t need to be involved in the space any longer,” she explained.

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  • Sedgewick

    Melissa we would love you in the neighborhood but please rid yourself of any hint that you’re involved with Young and his ilk. If you don’t you’re doomed.

  • AEB

    If Melissa wants help enlisting the universe to make the store happen in BH, she may call me.

    I will chant, burn candles, do exorcisms (though they’re labor-intensive), stick dolls with pins, howl at the moon…

    In short, I’m ready. Now!

  • Naber

    Melissa – You are exactly what we have been praying for for years! PLEASE COME!!!!! WE WANT AND NEED YOU IN THE HEIGHTS!!!

  • FeiFei

    Yes!! Please please come to BH!

  • http://www.litchfieldjazzfest.com Lindsey

    This sounds like a perfect fit for Henry Street. I would be so excited to have such a lovely yummy place in BH! Fingers crossed.

  • Val

    I would love to have Sweet Melissa’s around the corner from me! I love the Cobble Hill location, but it’s high time someone took over those empty storefronts and this sounds like a fantastic fit! Fingers crossed this happens!

  • Pat Steele

    I am so excited about this. Sweet Melissa’s is one of my favorite places but is a long walk from here in the North Heights. Please come!!

  • http://sweetmelissapatisserie.com Melissa Murphy

    HI Everyone, Melissa from Sweet Melissa’s here…thanks for the feedback! We are still “in negotiations”, trying to work something out, I just hope that people aren’t “scared” of the space…so many got burned in the scandal. Do you think people could learn to trust it once more? If Sweet M’s moves in, I want to be there a LOOOOONG time. Do you truly think the neighborhood would support it?

  • my2cents

    i would be thrilled! I think you just need to avoid Mr. Young because he is someone implicated in the whole scandal. I think no one is scared of those spaces except potential retailers! We would welcome quality businesses like yours in there tomorrow! I for one can’t wait!

  • http://sweetmelissapatisserie.com Melissa Murphy

    P.S., AEB, if it goes through, I WILL take you up on your offer…;)

  • Neighbor

    We won’t be afraid of the space – you have a great reputation and product! We would welcome and support you – you are exactly what we need!

  • AEB

    Melissa, we want you, we need you, we’ll support you! And you have my services pre- during and post-.

    No semi-necormancy here…..

  • Melissa

    (not Sweet, but a nice person, in any event) To add to the chorus, please, please open and please bring with you your unbelievable blood orange tart. It’s the best dessert I’ve ever had, and I’ve had more than my share.

  • paul

    big fan of the cobble hill location and would def visit regularly (perhaps too regularly) if it were just down the street!

  • paul

    btw, wtf is the deal with alan young? anyone know?

  • brooke

    That would be awsome, I can’t wait!

  • Nancy

    I for one will do the happy dance! Just what we need here in the Heights.

  • heightsdiho

    A hearty thumbs-up for Sweet Melissa moving into the neighborhood!

  • etc

    Yes, please!

  • gonzo

    I think the neighborhood would definitely support you. I cannot tell you how exciting this news was to my family.

    Keeping our fingers crossed that it all works out for you!

  • Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

    Yaay. Now I can pick up my mediocre overpriced pastries on the way home from the 4/5. It’ll be just like when I lived on the UES.

  • Senor Salsa

    If you come, here is what I’ll be singing during my Manhattan work day:

    Knowing many, loving none,
    Bearing sorrow hav’in fun,
    But back home he’ll always run
    To Sweet Melissa… mmm…

  • another jen

    i will be there a few times a week for sure – this could be great for the movie theater crowd coming from other neighborhoods.

  • AEB

    Melisa, in answer to your question above, I don’t think any potential customer feels that the location(s) you might–hopefully, WILL–rent are tainted because of their former occupant.

    Why should his misdeeds curse the location itself or any future enterprise taking place there?

    He is then; you are—tomorrow.

  • roccos

    I’d be a regular patron.

  • Mickey

    If Melissa takes the corner, what about the other spaces? Will the patisserie take over all that space, too … or is there still room to bring in a small Mexican restaurant? I really miss Taco Madre on Montague!

  • http://sweetmelissapatisserie.com melissa murphy

    Thanks roccos, AEB, Gonzo, another jen, and everyone. Nosebleed, I never had a store on the UES, although I did live there for a bit, and I love it too. Still waiting to hear back from landlord…but lets hedge bets-if you know of other great spaces,let me know. MIckey, the store, without the Oven space is only 650 square feet or so. We’ll see..!

  • mike

    Any update on this? They have been doing work in the space for the past couple of days? Has it become official, can I uncross my fingers?

  • http://sweetmelissapatisserie.com melissa murphy

    The last tenant was just “clearing out” and smashing the sink pedestals in the process. So wasteful… We are stillworking on the deal. Fingers crossed. The more feedback we get the better, so keep it coming!

  • nabeguy

    I’ll cross my fingers if you cross your buns…sorry, bad bakery joke. I saw the guys doing the “recovery” and my best guess is that they were told “if you can’t remove it. destroy it” . Vindictive, but hardly surprising given the previous tenant.