Homeland Shoot on Livingston and Schermerhorn Sunday

Apparently the “big bangs” we were warned about last Sunday were just a warm-up for what the Brooklyn Heights Association tells us will come this Sunday: a full-scale shoot of Homeland will take place this Sunday, February 19 from (yes!) 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (we’re hoping these early and late times are just precautionary) on Livingston and Schermerhorn streets. The BHA gives us this:

For avid viewers of the show, this may be a spoiler, but the scenes will include explosions, smoke, the firing of weapons, and large numbers of uniformed police, military officers, and protesters. There will also be snipers on the roof.

The scene with the explosion wil involve a convoy driving east on Schermerhorn Street counter to normal trafic flow. An exploded and burning SUV will be used in the shot. An explosion with smoke and debris will occur as the presidential motorcade exits a garage.

The City’s permit allows the production company to park on blocks throughout the area: Schermerhorn between Court and Boerum Place; Boerum Place between State and Fulton; State Street between Court and Boerum Place; Court between Livingston and State; Livingston between Court and Boerum Place; and Cadman Plaza West between Tillary and Middagh.

Happy Presidents’ Day weekend!

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  • Bob Grobe

    Thank you—this “heads up” is very helpful! I posted a note and a link to your article on our building website.

  • MaryT

    Yesterday. on NY1, video/tv/movie workers in NYC spoke in favor of more on-street shoots. I know the Mayor’s office likes that idea. And it’s a lot cheaper for producers than studio time.

    I never before minded living in a popular shoot neighborhood. Smaller trucks were in use and schedules were shorter. Now, tractor-trailer size vehicles stay for days, rumble all night long, and take up dozens of parking spots.

    I feel they’re taking advantage. What do you think?

  • Bob Grobe

    I’ll accept our neighborhood’s pitching in and generating tax revenue for NYC. What I won’t tolerate is our being manipulated by a film crew that’s only thinking about their self-interest.

    On Sunday, Feb. 19, the locations manager for Homeland told two of us, in person, the smoke from the upcoming burning-SUV-stunt would be “clean” and just “like a concert show” because the smoke was fueled by “propane.”

    NOT TRUE…I got pictures of their stunt and the burned-out SUV that smoked and contamined our apartments and building lobby on Schermerhorn for over two hours on Sunday.

    Watch Homeland film crews like a hawk! Complaints can be made at 212-489-6710.

  • Bob Grobe
  • Bob Grobe
  • Eddyde

    Agreed, the film production is out of control. There needs to be a limit on the amount and scope of these private enterprises appropriation of public space.

  • Eddyde

    The “Tax Revenue” is grossly overstated. Most of the production companies are from outside the city. The permits are practically free. The streets are for public use not for private enrichment. Particularly when it involves preforming dangerous stunts and creating toxic fumes. These scenes should be done on a backlot, not on a public street.

  • David on Middagh

    Hear, hear. Just reproduce the whole neighborhood somewhere in the rust belt where they need the action more than we do. Two birds…

  • Jorale-man

    I stopped by and found this to be a good Sunday afternoon’s worth of entertainment. Really dramatic.

    That said, I did find a couple of their production people rather rude to those of us curious onlookers. What do they expect when there’s a flaming car and fake machine gun fire on a normally quiet block?