Heights Burglaries Continue in New Year

According to Alexandra Leon in DNA Info, the rash of burglaries in Brooklyn Heights that began in December has continued into January. Of the seven burglaries reported in the first week of January, at least one may have occurred earlier. A theft of $66,410 worth of jewelry and accessories from an apartment near Hicks and State streets was reported on January 2, but could have taken place between December 21 and then, apparently the time the victim was away on vacation. Police say the burglar got in using a key left in a mailbox. Other early January burglaries occurred on Henry Street (two apartments in the same building near Henry and Joralemon were hit on the same day), Montague Street (Montague Street Bagels lost $1,000 in an early morning break-in), Remsen Street, and Sidney Place. Most of the residential burglaries took place during the day, when the apartments weren’t occupied.

The DNA Info piece quotes Brookyn Heights Association Executive Director Peter Bray as urging residents to “take the common-sense steps to secure their apartments.”

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  • Andrew Porter

    I believe the key was one of those in a box attached to the outside of a building, so that Postal deliverers can get inside.

    Here’s the Brooklyn Paper’s crime report, which includes further details of the break-ins:


  • Well, you know who this is….

    BH is easily one of the most affluent communities in the NATION people here can’t afford state of the art class A alarm systems? Really? Then there’s the BEHAVIOR of so many in the Heights; chronically leaving window open, buzzing in anyone who claims to be UPS or from the sup etc. Not arming alarms they have when they go out “for a short time” etc etc.

    You want to know why there’s crime in the Heights? Look in a mirror guys…
    Blame the victim? Yes, because in the Heights, victim behavior and often the behavior of neighbors is a very major contributor to a crime incident…

  • Forgettaboudit

    Are you serious? So now it’s the victims fault because of victim behavior? Just like its the spoon’s fault for making you fat. You really do lack fundamentals and common sense. Have you ever thought maybe, just maybe, it’s because of the large influx of thugs passing through to use the park?? I’ve seen first hand these groups of young “thugs” (if you want to even call them that) on multiple occasions either assault neighbors or mess with property. You should open up your eyes.