Seven Burglaries in Last Two Weeks in Brooklyn Heights

This just in from Brooklyn Heights Association:

The 84th Precinct notified the BHA today that seven burglaries of homes and apartments have taken place in the Heights over the last two weeks. The break-ins occurred during the work week when apartments and homes were unoccupied. The NYPD believes that they took place during daytime hours.

Since one burglary occurred in a doorman building, a fire escape may have been used to gain access through unlocked windows. Doors were forced open in some instances.

The NYPD cautions residents to lock their doors and windows whenever they are away from their dwelling. There will be extra police officers patrolling the Heights in response to this situation, but the NYPD needs your help to apprehend the perpetrator. Be alert and call 911 immediately if you see any suspicious activity.


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  • Jake Monrow

    At 2am last Saturday night on Willow Street, i heard my fence gate open and suspect someone was trying to test the strength of my stoop gate. The would be thief left empty handed. Dead locks double cyclinders do work. Now thinking of installing cameras, at least temporary ones to avoid LPC issues.

  • Arch Stanton

    Double cylinder locks are illegal. Because if you don’t have a key, you cannot get out in an emergency.

  • Patrick Henry

    The basic classic reasons burglaries in the Heights over decades occur are:

    A) This is a wealthy community surrounded by…well everyone knows what we’re surrounded by…

    B) Many even very well off Heighters refuse to pay for really effective alarms and locks (I’ve listened over the years to dozens of victims bemoan losses after being repeatedly warned they needed better security

    C) There’s an element in the Heights who simply let people into thier homes and buildings who they know or should know hey should not.

    And of course, when they have a loss, it’s the fault of police….

  • BananaTuesday

    Can always count on lightly-veiled racist comments on crime-related BHB posts.

  • Michael

    Anyone know where the burglaries were?

  • Teresa

    “A) This is a wealthy community surrounded by…well everyone knows what we’re surrounded by…”

    Yes. Other wealthy communities

  • Bob Grobe

    NYPD maps crime to nearest intersection. Burglaries in last 28 days show:

    Clinton & Livingston, Residence, Dec. 16
    Clinton & Livingston, Residence, Dec. 18
    Joralemon & Sidney Place, Residence, Dec. 21
    Court & Atlantic, Residence, Dec. 22
    Willow & Middagh, Residence, Dec. 24
    Jay & High, Truck, Dec. 5
    Clinton & Atlantic, Commercial, Dec. 14
    Pacific & Nevins, Commercial, Dec. 14
    Hoyt & Atlantic, Commercial, Dec. 20

    Source: NYPD CompStat 2.0

  • Michael

    Ok thank you

  • Jorale-man

    Well, to the east you’ll find somewhat higher crime levels. But Dumbo and Cobble Hill aren’t exactly hard up. But there may be some credence to your theories otherwise.

  • Reggie

    A geography quiz? Love it. To the west, Brooklyn Bridge Park and the East River (which, for bonus points, is actually a tidal estuary.) To the north, Fulton Ferry Landing and Dumbo. To the east, the CBD, and to the south, Cobble Hill.

  • Patrick Henry

    Just got back to read the responses to what I said. First of all, there is no comparison in level of actual wealth to the Heights. Cobble hill, while no longer middle class is not the $$$ levels of BH. And Farragut is a wealthy area? Whats wycoff, upper middle class? Really? True, downtown is no longer scruffy but the reality is the areas around the Heights have a history of far higher crime. That’s just history and reality. And by the way, the age of yelling racism has passed.

    No, the reality is that a lot of the wealthy and just dopes are too cheap to pay for proper security or keep their damn windows locked or not admit everyone who says they’re UPS. Even when they are repeatedly warned. Then they have a loss then it’s the fault of someone else…or the police.

  • redlola

    it always boggles my mind at how many curtain less windows i see in brownstones with lights on full throttle. it’s kind of like “hey everyone, look at all my nice stuff”

  • Slyone

    FWIW, from Jan 2016, the neighborhoods in Brooklyn with highest real estate costs (priciest neighborhoods based on median real estate costs) included at #1 DUMBO (north of BH), tied at #2 Vinegar Hill and Carroll Gardens (north and south of BH), at #3 Cobble Hill (south), and at #10 downtown Brooklyn (east). Brooklyn Heights was tied at 5th with Greenpoint. Boerum Hill was also in there at #6 (southeast).

    And the only article I can find quickly on per-square foot prices shows the only Brooklyn neighborhood to crack the top 20 in NYC in 2015 was DUMBO — to the north of BH . . . and BH’s other neighboring hoods were essentially on par with BH on a per ft2 basis . . .

  • TeddyNYC

    And what about privacy? Sometimes I feel like a voyeur when I unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) walk slower to catch a peek.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I once had a Game of Thrones episode spoiled for me this way.

  • Andrew Porter

    Winner! Your prize will be delivered to you in a Cracker Jack box!

  • Reggie

    No fake tattoos, please.

  • Quinn Raymond

    “Patrick Henry” is kind of an interesting pen name for this guy, considering the original one owned 78 slaves.

  • deancollins

    Care to cite the legislation you are referring to there Arch??

  • Arch Stanton

    Been that way for decades. You are not permitted to have a double cylinder lock on any entrance/egress door. For obvious reasons stated above.
    I’m in the construction industry so I know the codes. if you want specific article and paragraph number, do your own research.

  • deancollins

    Its an urban myth Arch…..otherwise you’d be getting raids at home depot every Saturday for “illegal paraphernalia”.

  • Arch Stanton

    Its not illegal to sell them, it’s a Fire code violation to use them on any means of egress (duh). Many people get away with using them in single family homes, as those are not subject to FDNY inspections.
    Also there are applications where they are perfectly legal, such as a door between two hotel rooms.
    For the background on where this logic emanated from, May I suggest you read up on the “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire”

  • deancollins

    You’re the expert Arch but unless someone wants to cite specific code……I’m not taking deadbolts off my apartment.

    Oh and triangle…..was an OH&S issue.

    But if you want to put bumpable exit locks on your front door…..go right ahead.

  • Arch Stanton

    I don’t think you understand what a Double Cylinder Deadbolt is…

  • deancollins

    Of course I do. I have Abloy Protec2’s in my house, unpickable and lock cant be copied without vendor code AND customer card code (unlock multilock and medeco)

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL, You sound very proud your lock. So you feel safe needing a key to get out of your house? Sure you’ll find your keys in a fire, sure your family will? Good luck.