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  • bklyn84

    More progress in the nearby downtown—the new Hilton at Schermerhorn and Smith is scheduled to open in 2017.

  • bklyn84
  • bklyn84

    There’s a display map of the neighborhood and the harbor just inside the front doors.

  • Jean

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! Pies at both lassen and Hennigs and old garden of Eden look good

  • AbeLincoln

    Better at Fairway.

  • Teresa

    And maybe the best at the Tuesday farmers market– big selection and they never disappoint.

  • Andrew Porter

    Brownstoner has an article about the five oldest houses in the Heights, here:

    About which I commented, “68 Hicks was at one time a laundry on the first floor, then later production office for ‘This American Life.’ Extensively redone a few years ago, during which they replaced facade and added windows on the north side of the building, added dormer windows, replaced the entranceway. All the entry stuff is actually totally new.

    “30 Middagh Street was also totally redone a few years ago, with new exterior, doorway, windows and front garden.”

  • Andrew Porter

    To help fund the recount of the vote, go here:

    I kicked in $11—hope you can donate as much or more!

  • Teresa

    How about that 2 a.m. helicopter traffic this morning?

  • Robert Johnson

    Well, this again a major issue. The super low altitude of all sorts of aircraft, fixed included is causing much concern. And….whatever remains of the BHA is silent, the BHP and CNG are silent, you can’t get a comment out of elected officials except meaningless generalizations, and forget the police or any city official telling anyone what is happening over their children’s bedrooms. Never mind the danger, just go back to sleep and promptly pay your taxes….hey, what Are they doing up there and what are they looking for at 2 AM? Forget getting an answer, you are only the cattle here….


    DOT announces 1.7 billion makeover for BQE.
    To include cantilever. Part of Promenade
    to be closed.
    Nice to see City finally spending tax dollars for
    truly needed infrastructure repairs over trolley
    car novelties.