Swastikas, Trump, And A Kids Park: A Personal Note

It’s Mrs. Fink. Hey!  I haven’t been here much.  Besides my daughter, my husband loved (LOVED) this blog and this community more than anything.

So, it’s hard for me.  Baby Fink, as Homer lovingly called her, had to witness his death in our Brooklyn Heights apartment.  That she, or ANY of our children have to witness the death of our country and our ideals on the playground we frequented? NOPE. No fucking way.

We took Baby Fink to Adam Yauch Park when it was named.  We spoke of his truths, his faith, the songs good and silly, and that he left this world peacefully.  We did this because we knew some of the people involved, we shared a love of music and, well. Our right to party!

I’m waiting for people to “teenage prank” this away.  Maybe it’s true, but, frankly, I don’t care.  Not one fucking iota. You don’t get to (incorrectly I might add) paint swastikas where our children play. Not precocious, not cute, just really, really racist.

My husband loved this community, this blog, the power of US.  Do NOT let us down. Just fucking don’t do it.

Let’s fight for our rights to justice,


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  • Doug Biviano

    Have you talked to Trump supporters about how they feel? Are they a monolithic group with the same exact beliefs on every issue? I’m not so sure you thought your comments through. To help, try reading this op-ed by Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidt: http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-to-get-beyond-our-tribal-politics-1478271810

  • Andrew Porter

    Jiffy Pop has the courage to post under his own name. “Reason-dot-com” is a far-right blog.

  • BHMommy

    First, If you vote for someone who makes racist comments then you are condoning it. I don’t need a “psychology” article to tell me that. Second you’re a POS to hijack Mrs Finks heartfelt post for your own agenda against Landers. Go do something productive.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Flagging you for flagging Andrew for flagging.

  • Jiffy Pop

    Flagging you.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Flagged you back. I can do this all day, lover

  • redlola

    let me be 100% clear. if you voted for trump, you are either an active bigot or a passive one. the latter means that you are happy to look away from his bigoted agenda and how it may affect millions of fellow humans in this country. however, the question, is what did you feel he can do for you that is worth it? were you stupid enough to believe a self-absorbed megalomaniac who makes everything and buys everything from china was going to bring you a job? that he has the judgment and demeanor to negotiate delicate situations on the world stage? let’s get real. all he brought to the table is the ability to convince insecure, angry, white people who felt “oppressed” by equality for others that he was going to give them “their” country back.

  • AEB

    How about wanting to make the world a better place? Let’s not disregard this possibility.

  • Jiffy Pop

    Keeping Hillary out of office is making the world a better place.

  • petercow

    Yes, just like Anne Frank’s diary, amirite?

  • petercow

    Yes, for all we know it means, “Go (away) Trump!”, amirite?

  • petercow

    I said the same after Kristallnacht.

  • JS-1

    Today I went to the hate Trump/We lost and we’re going to use ANYTHING to damage the winner rally. Speaker after bankrupt speaker brayed endlessly.

    Doesn’t change anything, God reached out and saved this unworthy country at the last possible moment.

    It isn’t that the American people spoke. This is God’s hand which saved this country.

  • Robert Johnson

    Uh, let me ask a small question…if someone painted a hammer and sickle in the playground what would be the “community response”?

    Well, communism killed by any credible evidence, 130 plus million people.

    How many of those present would be there to protest a symbol marxism….

  • Jiffy Pop

    reductio ad hitlerum.

  • Jiffy Pop

    Most of these crimes are hoaxes in the end.

  • Reggie

    I attended the rally for about an hour until (pun intended) the wind chill trumped the fact that I couldn’t hear any of the speakers. Guess who I saw? Our old pal WSW, wearing a Trump baseball cap to boot! Shortly after he arrived, he stuffed it in his pocket.

  • AEB

    1. Swastikas have a much more immediate and visceral association with a great evil than do hammer and sickles.

    2. an isolated incident of spray painting either, though deplorable wouldn’t have the same effect or significance as painting a swastika does now, post Trump’s election, in a time of great uncertainty and fear, as part of a pattern of hate.

  • WSW

    I was there with 8 or 9 Heights residents who I know are pro Trump. The object was to observe not cause a riots so I advised no caps/buttons etc. but I saw dozens of radicals/far left types chanting all of whom, like sqadron, who were harshly against Trump since the first moment he announced his candidacy. This was a damage Trump based on whatever pretext possible. BTW the graffiti was replicated in other parts of Bklyn as well as Queens in apparently the same or very similar handwriting. And these kinds of incidents have a long, long history of having VERY questionable origins starting in the late 1940’s onwards.

  • WSW

    Hoaxes are just the basic fabric of these kinds of incidents since the late 1940’s when the KGB decided it would help local communist parties across post war Europe. Since then, there have been carefully put-up incidents to help the far left, constantly, just like what occurred Sunday. I suggest you read some real history and then try to act responsibly.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Communism is an economic system/philosophy, not a political platform, and therefore any political or social actions would only be misattributed to communism. Murder doesn’t happen inside some kind of economic vacuum.

    Thought experiment:

    Were all those Arabs in the 20th century killed by Israeli kibbutzniks the victims of communism, or by an ethno-religious state military enforcing a land grab?

    Were all those European Jews just a generation before killed by whatever version of socialism was in place in Germany, or by the specific philosophies of an ethnocentric regime bent on world domination?

    Just asking that you get your terms straight. Makes for more meaningful discussion.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I mean, if these geniuses say it’s a hoax, it must be a hoax, right? They sound like authorities on everything.

  • Otis Birdsong

    So…. as the leader of the clandestine pro-trump observation team, you cleverly instructed your subjects to go incognito. Nicely done. I’m not as familiar with the “long long” history of hoaxes as you seem to be, but I’m certainly familiar with the tactic of focusing on a hoax as a means to discredit actual real occurrences. Help me out with the logic. Of the close to 900 reported instances of threats,intimidation and hate speech since Nov 8- how do you explain that the spike occurred AFTER election day? Why wait until after the event was decided? If one were to perpetrate that type of hoax, why wouldn’t they do it before we all voted? 2016- the rise of the useful idiots.

  • WSW

    Except we have the decades long EVIDENCE that a large number of these incidents have been a hoax. I and others distributed a long list of fraud incidents to the media there which are searchable in like 30 seconds. Now you and your cohorts say nothing is amiss here? I really think your posts are some kind of twisted “performance art” or simple misrepresentation.

  • WSW

    As far as the Reported “900 incidents, does that include the flood of threats, abuse and assaults by ANTI trump activists/goons? Hey, try wearing a TRUMP hat around town…I’ve been in two sqare-offs one of which broken up by police, an absolute brawl in a moving elevator in Midtown and had bricks, bottles, beer cans et AL hurled at my head. Every Trump supported has had similar incidents. So you’re concerned with street violence…sure, when your side gets the worst of it, otherwise nada. By FAR the violence is initiated by the violent far left OR is when some anti trump types get into the face of people simply wanting to express their choice.

  • Brixtony

    Oh, oh – it’s back. I wonder what WSW stands for, especially since you live on Monroe?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    If I thought I could get gallery or museum backing by writing things on the internet and calling it “performance art” you probably wouldn’t see me walking around with paint all over my trousers. I’d start wearing black and gold-leafing all my food, like Marina Abramovic.

    Meanwhile, here you are, insisting that you possess evidence that these incidents are fraudulent and failing to disclose even one source. I’m sorry, darling, but your anecdote about distributing materials wouldn’t cut it in any bibliography.