Crowd Atop Brooklyn Bridge Tower Yesterday Was For Police Drill

When I took a stroll out to the Promenade late yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, a friend stopped me and asked if I knew why there was what appeared to be a crowd of people on the top of the east (Manhattan side) tower of the Brooklyn Bridge. I took out my trusty little point ‘n’ shoot with zoom lens and was able to get this photo, clearly showing that the tiny (to the naked eye) images were human figures. My friend said a helicopter had buzzed over them just before I arrived. I opined that whatever was going on must be officially sanctioned; otherwise traffic on the bridge would have been stopped and there would be lots of red lights flashing.

Today Prospect Heights Patch reports that the gathering was “a routine police drill” and quoted NYPD Officer Sochia Mason as saying, “We do it all the time.”

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