New Neighbor: Area Kids

From "P.S." :

LogoMain.jpgNote the "Area Kids" on Montague a few steps down from street level near Monty Q's.  I think it used to be a real estate office?

This is maybe Area's 10th store in brownstone brooklyn — let's hope it catches on or moves to a bigger location — maybe the empty florist space down the block?

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  • Here_too_long

    I just stopped in for the first time. Very cute stuff if your child is under, say, 4-5 years old. I’d love to see them expand (especially the clothing & toys) so we have a reasonable alternative to the stupidly overpriced Heights Kids!

  • BP

    Went in the store today. A little hard to find when walking east on Montague. If I wasn’t looking for it, I would not have seen it. It’s a small place, but it’s cozy. I did buy some wooden (euro) toys for my daughter.
    Yes, that used to be a realty office. Which one, I don’t recall. Does anyone know what was their fate?
    That’s the second realtor, that I know of, in the nabe to close recently. Is this a trend? Or are the big players forcing out the little guy?
    At least both were replaced by more kid friendly and community serving businesses.

  • betsy

    What an amazing store!! I am so thrilled to have a place in the heights for young kids. AREA Kids has the best items. The woman working there said that they now have 8 stores plus the yoga studio & spa! They should be on Oprah! or Martha Stewart!!