Brooklyn Bridge Park Goats Working Well

Your correspondent spotted three of the goats leased by Brooklyn Bridge Park to clear weeds from the sound attenuating berm that parallels Furman Street just inside the park roughly from below Pierrepont Street to below Clark Street. The trained weed eaters seemed to be doing their job with gusto.
IMG_5674So far, the goats have been confined to the southern part of the berm, to the left of the double fence in the photo above. As you can see, the upper slope of the berm on the south side has been cleared quite well, though some work remains to be done on the lower part. The part to the right still has abundant weeds, awaiting the goats’ attention.

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  • Jorale-man

    I like the goats but must say, the berm is a real eyesore. I know I’ve complained about it here before but it’s not getting better with time – all bare patches and dead growth. I guess they’re aiming for a “natural” look but it’s not quite working.

  • Teresa

    I saw the four of them out there yesterday morning, diligently doing their jobs. Was pretty cool to watch them from the Promenade.

  • Concerned

    I agree. I love the goats and they’re doing a great job clearing the berm. Evidence of that is to look at the south side of the berm they are eating in opposition to the north side which is fenced off to them. There is a clear distinction. However, I think that the north side of the berm with the unkempt green brush looks much nicer than the south side. Either way, I love the goats!!!

  • Roberto

    Hotel and condo in the park, bad idea. Goats in the park, good idea. Frankly, along with more trees, bushes, flowers and gardens, we could use more berms. Think about what a berm does – it absorbs sound, provides green (and brown), acts as a barrier to flooding (obviously, one berm does not make a super effective berm – take a look at Dutch use of berms) and it provides work for goats.)

  • Jorale-man

    I completely agree with your points. My beef with the berm is more in how it’s been landscaped and the unnatural slope of it. I’m no environmental engineer, but instead of putting a parking lot behind it, it seems like it could have been made to look more natural in the surroundings.

  • BananaTuesday

    Quite ugly indeed. It *does* do a phenomenal job of cutting out the sound of the BQE as you walk by, though!