BHA Urges Action To Defeat Proposed “Upzoning”

Update: We’ve been advised by the New York Landmarks Conservancy that the “upzoning” bills will not be acted on in this legislative session.

The Brooklyn Heights Association has alerted us to a “massive rezoning” proposal that would allow much taller residential structures to be built in many areas of Brooklyn and other parts of the city, including Downtown Brooklyn, adjacent to Brooklyn Heights. According to the BHA:

The passage of these bills, introduced at the behest of Mayor DeBlasio, would severely tax the city’s already overburdened transit system, road network, parks and public schools and deprive neighboring areas of light and air. It would return no benefits to the affected communities.

Proponents of the “upzoning” say it is necessary to increase the availability of affordable housing. Nevertheless, the BHA points out, the rezoning proposal does not have any requirement that developers include affordable units in their buildings.

The rezoning proposal is included in two companion bills pending in the state legislature: S 5469 in the Senate and A 7807 in the Assembly. The BHA urges those concerned to contact the following legislators quickly, as the bills may be voted on this week:

Assemblyman Keith Wright:
District Office: 212-866-5809
Albany Office: 518-455-4793

Asemblywoman Jo Anne Simon:
District Office: 718-246-4889
Albany Office: 518-246-4889

Senator John Flanagan:
Albany Office: 518-455-2071

Senator Daniel Squadron:
District Office: 718-875-1517
Albany Office: 518-455-2625

If you’re wondering why this local matter is being acted on at the state level, according to the BHA “the Administration is attempting an end run around local zoning controls.”

Update: We’ve been advised by Sen. Squadron’s office that he opposes the bill.

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  • Quinn Raymond

    Curious if MIH would apply in this case?

  • Michael

    Another reason DeBlasio has got to go.

  • Jorale-man

    I wonder at which point they’ll try to start chipping away at historic district designations. They seem to be on a real crusade these days.

  • Robert Perris

    At last night’s CB2 Land Use Committee meeting, committee chair Carlton Gordon announced that the legislation has been withdrawn. Former BHA executive director Judy Stanton stated that she had also received an alert with that update.

  • Andrew Porter

    I hate to say it, but I’m finally coming around to agreeing with that sentiment.