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    asks you to join us.
    When? This Friday, June 10th.
    Time? 9:30 AM.
    Where? 360 Adams Street, Room 479
    Kings County Supreme Court
    As David takes on Goliath. We have
    1 lawyer, they a minimum of 3.
    Guess who won?
    We invite you to join us, support us and help us
    stop the destruction of the Brooklyn Heights Library.
    The second largest research library in Brooklyn.
    The impact of building without adequate
    infrastructure planning is now becoming visible.
    Per that revised old saying: Be careful what you’re
    programed to ask for…………
    (you know how it ends, right?)

  • Banet

    There’s an article in the Daily Eagle saying that the Bossert is planning to open on October 1. That’s 3.5 months away.

    Personally, I can’t imagine how that’s going to be possible. There’s been zero work done on the lobby level or the sub lobby level in over a year. And while obviously a lot can going on inside that we cannot see with 300+ rooms, that means they need 300+ toilets installed and 300+ bathtubs and 300+ sinks. As someone who walks by at least 6 times a day I’m pretty confident they haven’t unloaded that volume of insanely heavy porcelain.

    Of course, they could re-use the fixtures the witnesses left but if they do then ugh, this is not going to be a very nice hotel as the Witnesses went for utilitarian over all else.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Any recommendations for child/toddler CPR certification classes nearby? Thanks, neighbors!

  • KXrVrii1

    I think your linked website does a pretty poor job of explaining what is bad about the new library. And I am just talking about the libraries, not the new residential construction.

    Serious question, what is the objection to the proposed new library? For those who haven’t seen it, its described here. Top left tab “Community Benefits and New Library.”

    I use the current library frequently. It is clearly run down. AC and heating is a mess, wifi sucks, toilet is disgusting.

    I see they plan to relocate the Business and Career Library, but that rationale seems to make sense, and it is not necessarily a Brooklyn Heights “community” issue.

    Is the new library going to be smaller, even taking into account the Business and Career Library? That is not clear from either site, but even if it is, not sure how bad that is, as the current library is rarely crowded.

    I do not pretend to have researched the issue in depth, and I’m aware the developer is obviously going to put a positive spin on the new library. But looking at both websites, and as a local user of the library, I’m just not sure what the objections are.

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting points. Whenever it does open, I’ll be curious to see how the hotel impacts traffic around that corner (both pedestrian and vehicular). It could be the next hot topic on the BH Blog…

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Oh boy! I can’t wait for the next hot topic!!!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Montague = the next Joralemon! Run!!!!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Does the Bossert have a basketball court inside, or on the roof???

  • StudioBrooklyn

    “toilet is disgusting”

    Just wanted to quickly point out that this is more than likely a personnel issue, not a building issue, and one that will continue to be an issue as long as we’re talking about a public facility (which, it should be noted, is the only one immediately available to bus drivers whose routes terminate across the street and who otherwise seem content to relieve themselves in the green area there, or into bottles which they use to decorate the green area).

  • KXrVrii1

    Fair point. But the building manager of an upscale condo might put a little more pressure on keeping the toilet clean.

    And the toilet is pretty old and decrepit regardless of cleanliness.

  • Sharon T

    Re: Recent headlines;

    There are flyers being distributed Hicks St and in our building stating CB2 is going to have a meeting tonight, Wed. on crime issues at BBP and Joralemon 7 PM at St Ann’s Warehouse.

    Has anybody heard of this? The person giving out the flyers said two store owners may show up.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I hope you’re right…I don’t see the building manager wanting to bother with a public toilet.

  • DIBS

    I suspect that asking them to do otherwise would be in violation of their union contract.

  • marilyn berkon

    KX wants to know what is bad about the new library. It is less than half the size of our present library, which, only 23 years ago, was enlarged for a growing population, entirely renovated and completely rewired and updated for modern technology. It will be built beneath a luxury condo over 400 feet high and therefore can never again expand in size for an ever-growing population. It will not hold the abundant number of books or computers that our present library provides. Its size and limited books and computers will not be able to accommodate the many thousands who rely on it, not only from Brooklyn Heights, but from all the less-advantaged communities surrounding this neighborhood.
    The AC and heating in our library can easily be repaired with funds from the city, whose budget surplus alone is over $4 billion. They have been left in disrepair as an excuse to sell the library. The elevator was also left in disrepair until I and one other person called 311 to report the library as off limits to the handicapped. Now the elevator works perfectly and does not break down every other day. The bathrooms can easily be cleaned. Our library is strong and solid, of historic importance, built by Francis Keally who was also the architect for The Grand Army Plaza. It is certainly not dilapidated! Anyone entering that building would be dismayed that such a fine library would be torn down. The new library will lack the famous Business-Careers-Education library that belongs here in the business district. Its new location at Grand Army Plaza has limited bus and subway service and no elevator from subway level to street level for the handicapped. We have an entire hub of subway and bus service and an elevator from subway to street level. The interim library will be only 7,000 square feet, far too small to provide for the needs of our communities. There will be 4 years of construction here with toxic debris and emissions, massive traffic tie ups because of its location at Clinton and Tillary. We are sacrificing this library supposedly to help repair 4 other libraries in Brooklyn. Why should we have to do that, especially when the BPL knows that they will not get the profit they expect from this low-bid $52 million sale? And especially because the city has more than enough to pay for repairs in this library and throughout the BPL system. And we have evidence that the entire plan for this library with luxury condo above was a pay-to-play deal between the developer, Hudson Companies and de Blasio. That pay-to-play is now part of the investigations of corruption concerning our mayor. These are just some of the things wrong with the new library.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Some time ago I spoke about this issue with someone who works with the MTA. If I remember correctly, near some bus route terminals the MTA used to rent a small space that would contain a break room and a toilet, but the rent and the personnel needed to maintain such spaces is very expensive, as you can imagine. What I understand is that the rate at which the MTA hemorrhages money to [corruption and] pressure to keep fares low is incompatible with the goal of giving bus drivers a place to go on their breaks.

  • Arch Stanton

    You cannot possibly know if they haven’t received any plumbing fixtures. Besides, the Jo-Ho’s did an excellent job of restoring the building when they took it over so perhaps they don’t need replacing. Also, The lobby doesn’t need much work as its in pretty fine condition.


    KX notices AC down, bathroom not
    clean, etc. and conveniently links to
    developers website, hmm.
    For a confessed daily library user
    am shocked, shocked you have missed all the news stories citing the current Federal investigation re the
    sweetheart deal offered to this
    developer. Tunnel vision?
    And of course the articles documenting the money the BPL has hidden to push this “deal” through. Money that could have fixed all the egregious issues cited in order to force this sale.
    Minor details?
    Don’t know when you use the library but based on wait times for computers, patrons lined up pre
    opening your vision seems blurry
    at best.
    Exchanging a full service research
    library (Federal Depository as well
    as Business) for a small local library
    sounds like exchanging a diamond,
    yes in the rough, for a handful of rhinestones.
    All sparkle and no substance.
    But, you may be a taxpayer who
    enjoys supporting corporate
    welfare. Someone has to do it.
    Still need convincing? Join us on
    Friday morn and hear the truth, the
    whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    Oh, and bring your glasses this time.

  • Banet

    You’re right — I can’t know. But I can suspect. I can see the building out my window where I sit and work all day. They’ve cleared many truckloads of debris in the past. And taken in a huge amount of drywall. But that’s about it. No beds. No mattresses. No desks. No bedspreads. No paint. No tables or chairs for restaurants. No kitchen equipment.

    Having renovated several homes I know it can go fast near the end but I also know there’s a limit to what can get done in 3 months. I’d bet $500 they don’t open October 1 and honestly I’d be surprised if they open this year.

  • KXrVrii1

    I was pretty clear that I was just talking about the comparison between the libraries. I also clearly noted that I hadn’t researched things, and was just going between the two websites.

    So in terms of substance you are saying:

    1 – There are wait times for computers.

    I don’t use them, I bring a laptop, so I have no views on whether this is true.

    However, in comparing between the two libraries, is it clear that the new library will have less computers? Also, how many of those computer users are accessing services that will be relocated to the Central Library, as a result of which access for local users will not be adversely affected?

    2 – “Exchanging a full service research library (Federal Depository as well as Business) for a small local library sounds like exchanging a diamond, yes in the rough, for a handful of rhinestones.”

    I don’t agree, while the borough / city overall needs those functions, I’m not sure they are critical for Brooklyn Heights. I would prefer a nice local library over a run-down big one. And I would guess many if not most of the users of the business library and the Federal Depository are travelling to get there anyway, so having it elsewhere isn’t a problem for them or for Brooklyn Heights.

    And, it seems possible that including it in the Central Library may actually be more convenient as there will be more overall space and resources for those users.

    But thanks for responding with a fairly unsubstantive and paranoid response to a genuine question. It seems to confirm why your website makes a pretty poor case about the NEW LIBRARY being a big problem – you don’t have much to back up your claims that the NEW LIBRARY will be bad for Brooklyn Heights.

  • rss

    Does anyone know of an affordable vet in the neighborhood?

  • KXrVrii1

    Well, a little more substance than MPIERCE, and indeed the save the library website.

    But I still see little specifics on why the new library will be worse for Brooklyn Heights. Yes it is smaller, but without the business library, it may be more than large enough for a local library. And maybe the Grand Army location is less convenient, but its hardly a wasteland.

    And as for the renovations, 23 YEARS is a long time, especially for technology!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Oops, sorry DIBS, what i meant to say was “yeah, damn unions!” And shake my fist. Anti-union people love to talk about how much they hate unions. Sorry I don’t have more to contribute.

  • Diesel

    Dr Thomson at Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital. 59 Hicks street. Reasonable rates and excellent care, she saved my butt, WooF!

  • rss

    Excellent care, I agree. But it was over $700 for my friend’s yearly check up. Trying to find something more affordable in the nabe. Granted, he got heart worm pills for a year and flea/tick meds. But I was floored by the cost.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I liked this bird in the park

  • cat

    This does not bode well. There is something going on tonight at the Bossert and someone is singing at the top of his lungs at 11:35 pm. Who knows how long this will go on. Occasionally, someone is yelling out of a close by window about calling the police. I live near the Casino and it is bad enough that they often carry on with their music until 1 am, but if this is a sign from the Bossert of things to come, what will happen when the bar on top opens. Why do we have to let these special interests ruin our neighborhood? And, the singing goes on.

  • Jo Ann

    I called police. It seems to be some sort of Hasidic festival. I think it finally stopped.

  • Pierrepont

    I was about to ask who was cranking the Michael Buble at such an hour. Alas, it probably wasn’t that bad.

  • Jo Ann

    It’s depressing wailing. They are still going, just unplugged now.

  • Bornhere

    This is a perfect example of how a block or two can make a huge difference: I’m on Henry and Joralemon and am totally (and, perhaps, blissfully) unaware of these doings or the situation with the HC. To expand: if one doesn’t live on or right off Joralemon, one hasn’t a clue what it’s like nowadays. So this is a good reminder that, as neighbors, we have to appreciate concerns of each other, even if we aren’t subjected to those concerns.
    (And I wasn’t aware that the Bossert is already functioning!)