Night Milling Of Cadman Plaza West Scheduled For Friday

We have word from Community Board 2 that Cadman Plaza West between Clark Street and Pineapple Walk will be milled this coming Friday, May 6.

Due to daytime traffic volume, this work is planned to take place OVERNIGHT. Yes, this is an annoyance but one that is deemed necessary. Thank you for your forbearance.

If your car is on the street when work is about to begin, it will be relocated, generally to somewhere within three blocks. If you cannot find it, call 646-892-1370 to learn its location.

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  • SongBirdNYC

    Well, that explains why the city never filled the potholes on Cadman after I called 311…

  • MaryT

    I checked the CB2 website and can’t find what time frame the work is scheduled to begin and end. Help!

  • MaryT

    I just spoke with a CB2 rep. She asked the contractor about hours. He said the milling will definitely be during DAYTIME hours on Friday, 9am to 5pm. This assumes the weather allows.

    The DOT link still has it listed as a night mill… (