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  • gc

    Walk past the Verizon Wireless store on Montague Street and you’ll see what an effective protest movement looks like. Can you imagine the impact that an ongoing demonstration like that would have in front of the entrance to the new hotel and condo complex in BBP?

  • Eddyde

    Sadly I doubt it would do much. The Save LICH protests were well organized yet failed miserably.

  • Poplar

    Noticed Banana Republic has closed. Wondering what might come into that space.

  • Wally O’Keefe

    The protests for LICH were well organized. But Gov. Cuomo put the kabosh on LICH for the real estate (contributions). Da-Blazio also flipped on this promises. NY is corrupt from the top down.

  • Jen

    There are tons of food trucks and stands on Remsen Street between Court and Clinton. Does anyone know what this is and how long they will be there?

  • gc

    The difference is that the Verizon protests are aggressively turning away most paying customers and embarrassing those few customers who chose to go into the store. That approach would be very effective with both the hotel and the condo. How would you like to walk through that type of protest every time you went home or back to your hotel room?

  • Jorale-man

    Oh, no! You’re right – it’s not on the BR website anymore.,8723809,12&clink=8723809

    Granted, it had a limited selection compared with several branches in Manhattan but it was a real convenience for Brooklyn. I guess there’s still the outlet store on Fulton St. but I’m not crazy about a lot of their inventory. Some of it looks like rejects from the regular stores.

  • DIBS

    I’d rather have a root canal than go to Fulton Mall.

  • Heightsman

    That’s a nice building.

  • Reggie

    Which, given that you live in another state, is probably easier to schedule as well.

  • Eddyde

    I know, that was my point. If something as important as a hospital couldn’t be saved due to the corrupt regime, how could a view…

  • Eddyde

    Anyone who tried that would be arrested for harassment.

  • Boerum Bill


  • gc

    No arrests that I know of at the Verizon store. How is the hotel any different than the Verizon store?

  • Heights Observer

    I’d rather you have root canal work than see you shopping on Fulton Street. It must be pretty boring in Bucks County considering the amount of time you spend lurking on the Heights Blog site.

  • Eddyde

    Well the Verizon workers have a legitimate labor dispute. If you were to organize a protest against buildings that the courts ruled in favor of, yelling at residents and guests coming and going, I bet that constitutes harassment. Besides what on earth would you hope to gain?

  • Eddyde

    Agreed, though Philly has some equally loathsome areas.

  • Jorale-man

    A sign said it’s part of a roving pop-up food truck thing just for a day. I walked half-way down before escaping – it reminded me a street fair without the socks and plants.


    I’m all for a good strike but I did observe one striker yelling “Fvck You!” repeatedly through a megaphone. This can’t be good for anyone.


    I’d love to live in Bucks County. It’s my gf and my weekend escape of choice – probably before the suddenly over stylized Hudson Valley.


    Anyone have any insight on when Hotel Bossert might re-open? It’s architecturally gorgeous and I sure wouldn’t mind a drink on their rumored rooftop bar.

  • Banet

    I was just wondering the same thing as I walked by last night. I Puritan quite a few of the windows and it seems that they have quite a lot of work to do yet. The lobby floor is a mess, the first floor space in the lobby has no ceiling, the space below the first floor is nothing but metal studs. And most telling, you barely see any work ever going on. You rarely see workers coming and going from the building. You rarely see trucks unloading materials into the building. I don’t know how they’re going to open the summer, which is the last date I heard.

  • Arch Stanton

    I walk by the Bossert 2-3 times a day. Construction workers are present almost every weekday. I have seen many deliveries of materials and regularly see a plethora mini dumpsters waiting to be picked up. I think the reason the progress appears so slow is there is no work being done to the exterior of the building, at least not visible from the street.

  • DIBS

    I suspect the others here have never been anywhere outside their borough.

  • DIBS

    Which I don’t go to either. Plus, it doesn’t make Atlantic Mall any less loathsome.

  • gc

    So I guess it’s best if we just lay down and let the real estate developers and their political toadies roll right over us?

  • Eddyde

    First I want to make it clear, I do not support the developers and I think the hotel condo “expansion” is a travesty.
    But honestly it pales in comparison to the theft of the hospital. There was a good fight put for that and we were lied to by the “Mayor” and screwed by the “Governor.”.. I think the two of them deserve to be put in a village stock, in the middle of Times Square, but I doubt that will ever happen.
    Anyway, my point is I don’t think local protests will do much good. The only thing that might work is to gain the support of a someone at the federal level who would investigate and prosecute these scumbags. Perhaps a protest in front of the Capital in DC would draw some attention?

  • Banet

    You sort of proved my point. You say “construction workers are present almost every weekday.” Shouldn’t they be there *every* weekday? And I too have seen many deliveries of materials but there should be a *constant* stream of material delivery.

    It’s a massive building. It has hundreds and hundreds of rooms. There’s enough space in there for 150 people to be working comfortably. (Think about it — that’s just 10 people per floor). Yet at the end of the workday you see maybe 5 or 10 people wander out.

    I’m sure they’re making progress but they’re not making it very quickly. Which is odd because every month they’re not an operating hotel it’s costing them a fortune.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Out of curiosity, other than the significant travel, what’s your objection to Fulton Mall?

  • Moni

    Spoken like a true a-hole Dibs.