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  • Well adjusted Jeff Smith

    More amateur psychiatry, er, how about addressing the real issues about your heroine?

  • Jeffrey Smith


  • Jeffrey Smith

    I won’t dignify that with a response. But I once said to Dozier Hasty and his reporter Randal Rothenberg the two original authors of the endless repeated lies, not to mention Dozier’s attempts to instigate violence,

    Well, I told him in the late 70’s that if he and his “unbiased” reporter were given an ,OPEN BOOK examination on comparative political systems and twentieth century Europe political history and their lives depended on passing the exam, they would be well, somewhere else tomorrow. They didn’t like my remark, but it was fully accurate….

    ey were simply ignorant of what they were trying to address and….they were unwilling to learn even the rudiments of the topic before they published.

    You remind me strongly of the 1978 edition of Dozier. And you’ve swallows the entire brainwashing. And even if I gave YOU a OPEN BOOK examination…….

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I hope you never have to interview a family with a living corpse in their home which was a wonderful smiling normal child a day before being vaxed with a vaccine which was ALREADY banned in several countries.

    And I know in this company this is wasted breath but, worse is yet to come. First, RFID injectables are Already herehere

    And NANO in injectables are fast approaching.

    Mandated vaccines aren’t a threat to health and liberties? Only absolute morons at this point don’t recognize that…..

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well its time everyone read the speeches of Congressman Thorkelson along with dozens of other of the best political minds this country has ever produces who have warned for DECADES that a hidden hand of offshore and large domestic banks, NGO’S and the ultra wealthy dual citizen figures control BOTH PARTIES. The American people, they charges, have NO real choice in who they vote for. This is failure to care for the needs of the country, but its a PLANNED failure. Because a controlled downward spiral is integral to the establishment of the world order these vermin have so long worked for.

  • Uncle Jeff for president

    Well, there’s advocations then there is a vocaton.

  • J Against all flags Smith

    A voice of the casino! I thought you guys would be busy cerebrating Mrs. Wettin/Saxe/Cogburg’s 90th birthday….I expect you darlings would be all up at the English Speaking Union’s basement holding a mini bohemian grove, complete with the owl (stolen from the Wise chips factory?) to honor the event.

    So why the #*@&%! are you here bothering me? Go worship that stupid owl! You guys are good at that…

  • Charles Zimmerman

    You want it to stop or be cut back? Good, just have you and your family and neighbors en masse call the press and every state and federal elected officials and ask three questions. 1) why are the radio down links on federal frequencies and they are incripted. 2) What are the federalies and the police LOOKING FOR while they shake furniture at 2 to 3 AM? 3) IF there is a threat which justifies this much public discomfort, why its the people why may be in serious harms way told that so they can make the basic decision if they want to keep themselves and their families/loved ones in dangerious situation? Trust me, if enough of people make an issue of these three, and especially the third, related point, then this (dangerous) nonsense will cease
    Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with this abuse forever.

  • J. Salk

    So you’re advocating what, the resurgence of Polio and Smallpox?

  • AEB

    Claude, there must be some way–or BHB rule–that prohibits multiple postings by the same poster under different names.

    Really, it’s become an unwelcome deluge–reading the “messages” again and again by the same endlessly self-renamed poster, who has no sense of (as they say) boundaries, the appropriate, etc.

  • YB-49

    Translation; I don’t like what’s being said/revealed, so lets find a way to hamper what’s being said.

    But I DO think were getting too afield and should stick more to BH related subjects.

  • AEB

    Nope, I’m simply saying that each of us is allowed a certain amount of posting oxygen. If one demands more than one’s share, others have less (in a number of ways)–which isn’t fair.

  • Moni

    How right you are, Concerned. However the disaster of trickle-down and wars for profit are shoved aside when voters are guided by their bigotries.

  • Moni

    People who hog the blog are not interested in what’s fair. They have a need to yammer and prattle and wont even notice that readers are checking in less frequently or abandoning the blog altogether because of their boring excesses.


    Why don’t you tell us your views on WWII?

  • Reggie

    It’s aluminum foil hat time!

  • Reggie

    No, that is not what AEB was saying, or at the least not exclusively. WWHD?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    No, this is hard science. The issue of vaccines in public health is one issue. The fast growing questions of additives in vaccines and the range of serious health damage involved is another issue.What is ALSO an issue is the behavior of the vaccine companies and our wonderful FDA of which a laundry list of failures appear now to exist.Key researchers have been legally threatened to re!ain silent.

    See the film, before you further post unintelligently.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    We covered that two years ago. And this forum IS getting more and more off heights centered topics. But I always wanted a copy of the silver bird for street racing.


    Evasive answer with a nazi reference.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Rather that take up space, go back to what was already covered. And let me get this straight, are you against the Saturn 5, because Arthur Rudolf was the chief of design? Look, Don’t get me started on the layers of hypocrisy involved in all 20th century political history.

    But since you want to open the subject, what are YOUR views on the ONE HUNDRED MILLION PLUS people (,INDISPUTEDLY) killed under COMMUNISM 1917 till present?

    What sympathy and feelings do you, or.your myriad cohorts here have for that largest murder spree in history? How about you, Mr Porter? How concerned are you “,concerned”? Oh I get it, because, a lot of Heights residents who had most of their families slaughtered under communist regimes have now passed on, and thus are silent its now to be blasé.


    Your evasive answers are getting worse.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Answer my question, what are you views on the worst killing spree not only in the 20th century, but given all evidence, all of history.

    This is an easy question, not only for you, but your friends from Dozier Hasty to your cohorts here…..what about the deaths under communism?


    I asked first. And you continue to evade answering honestly.

    *I don’t know a single soul here, personally or otherwise.

  • Jeff Smith

    (Talbout variable blog handles) No, “Dr Salk” the film addresses questionable vaccines, the additives involved, and the failure of government, major medical research institutions (many of which accept or benefit from vaccine manufactures funding) and the press for strongly down playing the surging evidence of grievous damage especially to innocent children. Should we care about that?

  • Big Jeff Smith

    I know, that’s a problem I have often been concerned with

  • Diesel

    I generally don’t stoop to commenting “human” issues. However you post strikes me as well, silly. You imply that these are “black ops” choppers investigating some nefarious activity. Although you don’t produce a shred of proof of these allegations, let’s assume it’s true; it would be ridiculous to “inform the public”, tip off those being investigated and allow them to get away.
    No one in their right mind would think thats smart.
    Unless of course, you are the one who fears being investigated?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    As Mr Zimmerman appears to be simply mockingly repeating my observation over many months, the idea is that they are acting on some real credible evidence of an ongoing threat rather than a criminal incident. If there is a generalized threat which they need to maintain continuous surveillance, if it serious enough to conduct loww level flights physically vibrating homes at like 2 or 3 AM!!!, Now either there is a serious enough reason to vibrate buildings CONTINUOUSLY over months twice a day or…why are the overflights going on? Now, if there IS an ongoing serious threat to an area…don’t YOU think the people after months of this activity, have a right to know what is going on, so they, as Mr Z said, can make a decision if they want themselves and their families in the danger zone? Or do you think omnipresent government should keep the knowledge of the dangers involved again over many months, to itself?

    I strongly agree, this question should of government in public forums.
    There are people who will defend government secrecy. These are the same moral and intellectual bankrupts who defended the secrecy at Hanford Washington releases or the handling of the Atomic veterans.

    The Heights deserves answers at this point what is happening above, and possibly next to our homes these last TWO YEARS!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    +1 for rhyming.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I’m waiting for the meet-and-greet. Cocktails at Chez Moi was Claude’s idea, maybe it needs to be Custom House? I’ll totally wear a name tag.