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  • jonathankopp

    Apparently, Bernie Sanders was at Vineapple this morning. No campaign event, just grabbing a cup o’ joe.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Andrew you could have just said “you are correct. And also extremely intelligent, and attractive.”

  • HereToStay

    I wonder if the Tango in the picture is the same Tango we have now on Monty…?

  • AEB

    Thanks for the correction, Andrew. Of course it goes without saying that I’m extremely intelligent and attractive (see Studio, just below).

  • Arch Stanton

    Please don’t concern yourself with matters that you are not involved in, this between Jeffrey Smith and myself, alter egos don’t count.

  • StoptheChop

    What are they supposed to do? Why doesn’t Pier 5 or 6 have any kind of safe storage, like Pier 2?

  • Concerned

    The entire blog suffers when you two fight for mostly childish reasons. Find a separate place to argue. Thank you.

  • DIBS

    All of you.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    People should be paying a LOT of attention to what happened at Twenty Ninth St and Park Ave South in Manhattan when the Gansevoot hotel opened. It quickly attracted a Lambo crowd. I attended two events one on the roof and the drinking and behavior was wild. When you have self absorbed, brain-dead yuppies in ad- joining and opposite buildings yelling out their windows, Network style, at 2 AM for revelers to pipe down you know how wild it got. Flying objects off the roof or from upper floors, (I saw that twice), “ladies” in evening clothes on their knees vomiting….yes sir….l.and the traffic! And remember, this is on Park avenue so. Just transfer that possible scene to Montague St…

    Well, both hotels prior to opening were presented as “boutique hotels” and there was a permissive, let’s see what happens disinvolved atitude by neighborhood groups and the local (kept) press….who if anything tamped down neighborhood concerns.

    People need to be the opposite of what people did in Chelsea, they need to really hard question every stage of any such location’s development. Or….you might end with a Gansevoot scene in the Heights

    Now, if they had only attracted a Bugatti or Voisin C20 or…yeah! A Vector W30 crowd…..

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I agree, this is often ugly and distracts from enjoyable and sometimes critical items on the blog.

  • DIBS

    That whole area of the city attracts nothing but trash.

  • Claude Scales

    I’d prefer a Duesenberg crowd. They’ve paid their dues.

  • Jeff C20 Smith

    That’s why I included the Viosin in the mention….

  • Banet

    I understand that Tango is an *extremely* long-lived business on Montague so very likely the same one. That said, the window of the one in the photo seems to be displaying brightly-colored kid’s graphic t-shirts. So if it is the same Tango, their focus has changed a LOT.

  • Banet

    The (much maligned here) BHA hammered out a set of extremely restrictive requirements of the Bossert Roof space in order to get their zoning changed. I don’t know what will happen if they violate the rules but I expect they could be sued by the BHA and ultimately lose their Certificate of Occupancy. Here are the relevant requirements:

    THAT no music, amplified or unamplified, and no sound amplification system of any kind will be permitted on the outdoor terrace;

    THAT the 14th floor restaurant and terrace will contain sound attenuation measures as shown on the approved plans and indoor music will be
    limited to 69 dbA at all times;

    THAT the maximum occupancy at any given time both in the 14th floor restaurant and on the terrace will comply with Building Code occupancy regulations and not exceed 120 persons in total, of which not more than 40
    patrons at any given time may occupy the terrace;

    THAT the 14th floor restaurant will close by 11:00 p.m. on weekdays, and by 12:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays (i.e., no patrons will be allowed in the restaurant after these times);

    THAT the 14th floor terrace will close at 10:00 p.m. on all nights (i.e., no patrons will be allowed on the terrace after this time), except that the 14th floor terrace may remain open beyond 10:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve;

  • Concerned


  • Jeffrey Smith

    This sounds So nice and so reasonable. But like a lot of casino speak, its
    largely games. Like for instance, you notice there’s no mention of how many guests and party goers are going to be active on an average night. How much party/event space is going to be active? At the Gansevoot, a lot of the traffic and behavior was apparently generated by people in party spaces unrelated to the roof scene. So what DID the newly revised BHA in total negotiate? The total number of “event” goers on any given night? No? Set some hard rules for acceptable behavior in the area around the building? No? What happens when there IS abuse or disruptions? What’s the policy on drug presence? Public intoxication? You know, all the things that DID happen in Chelsea.

    I and the Heights community don’t need more platitudes. Theres been enough nonsense already, we need more now? So, in truth, what safeguards have been put in place for the range of problems and dangers a facility like this can certainly cause.

    And given the shift in tone at the BHA in recent months, the question has to be asked, should the BHA be the sole agent securing the Height’s interests in this matter.

  • Eddyde

    I remember that fire, it was very dramatic from the back of the building, flames shooting out the windows etc.

  • Eddyde



    Do you have nothing better to do? It’s almost worth not reading this blog anymore because of your childish bickering. For the rest of the community, please STFU.

  • Arch Stanton

    What about you,don’t you have anything better to do other than shill for a Neo Nazi twerp? You don’t want to post on this blog anymore? that would be great. I doubt the rest of the community would miss your phoney-a$$ moronic commentary, one bit.


    A neo nazi twerp? Who’s a neo nazi here, lol?

    My phoney commentary? I think I’ve proven my identity pretty clearly. Remember the 46,000 followers who can vouch for me?

    You truly ruin this page for everyone else.

  • Cascascas

    I had a very bad experience there on my one and only visit. Kept waiting in the exam room for over 45 mins, then billed for a 45 min visit even though I spent <10 min with the doc. They still haven't sorted this out despite my disputing the bill months ago. Avoid.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Why am I only allowed to “like” this comments once???



  • AS

    I was there a month ago to make sure a sprained ankle wasn’t broken. Didn’t have to wait and the doctor seemed fine. They did an X-ray there but had to send it out to be reviewed, so I did have to wait about 40 minutes for that. With my insurance, I paid $30 for the visit.

  • Jeff Smith

    Just a note: according to very reliable sources, there will be about 30 Heights residents expected at the Grand Hyatt for the anti Trump protest and an at least equal number of Trump supporters from 11201 who will be both in the Hyatt and outside to speak to protesters. If anyone is coming into Manhattan from Westchester consider an alternative transit.

    Hey, someone put on Link Wray!! ‘Cause, there’s a real rumble tonight!

  • LDS

    I went yesterday, waited maybe 10 min – tested me for strep, pneumonia etc (all negative). Dr was fine and attentive, all in all a good experience. Waiting to see how much medicare covered… A lot of the LICH dr’s ended up there.

  • Arch Stanton

    Jeff Smith aka, Willow Street Watch, Concerned and others is the racist nazi punk. If you don’t know that you’re either lying or an ignoramus.


    That’s a very serious allegation. And being Jewish myself, I find it entirely offensive – assuming Mr. Smith is not an actual “neo-nazi.”

    Do you have any proof?

    If someone accused me of being a neo-nazi, I’d be pressing charges for libel.