BHA and CHA Want Answers on LICH Site Plans

As reported by The Eagle, the Brooklyn Heights Association and the Cobble Hill Association have jointly sent a letter to NYU Langone seeking information concerning matters of interest to the communities. NYU is presently operating an emergency room at the Long island College Hospital site and is to develop, pursuant to an agreement with Fortis Property Group, which now owns the LICH site, a larger medical facility at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Hicks Street. The letter asks for information about the plans for the new medical facility, particularly with respect to planning for traffic and parking, and concerning plans for the demolition of existing structures, which has caused the temporary closure of two dedicated public spaces, including a playground used by both Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill residents.

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  • Jorale-man

    “CHA is worried, however, that the neighborhood will be flooded with cars seeking parking in the blocks near the new medical facility.” No doubt that will impact BH as much as Cobble Hill. Oh joy…

  • StoptheChop

    Especially the OBBP parking garage.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    This is, structurally, the exact same scam as the Cadman branch BPL seizure.
    First they so degraded the quality of service that a very sizable sector became quietly uncaring or ambivalent. Once possible reaction was lowered to safe levels, they proceeded with the seizure.😈

    And, there’s no real thought of effective push back for what they did.

  • Jorale-man

    Exactly. And here the impact on Cobble Hill is bound to be significant. Unlike BH, with the Cadman Plaza towers, there’s no history of skyscrapers in that neighborhood.