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  • Taters

    He was foraging before foraging was cool.

  • BKHeightsPrincess

    Yep… And imagine working a night shift and hear all that all day… Welcome to my nightmare!

  • BKHeightsPrincess

    As well tonight… 3, 4 am as usual. They fly very low.

  • Arch Stanton

    What a hypocrite, You are constantly whinging for more security, more police, more protection. Now you complain because the police state you wanted is waking you up at night.

  • Willow Street Watch

    I shouldn’t respond to your remark. First because of its lack of thought. Second, because my state positions are based on my beliefs, not what others, even responsible parties, think of my views.

    But there ARE two important points to be made here;

    1) your remarks show the difference between conservatism as defined
    by the post 1955 rise of Buckley, welsh etc and GENUINE PATRIOTISM.

    2) The need for organizations or services is NOT the need for the misuse
    or wrongful use of an agency or service.

    If we lack transportation services in an area, to better assist the elderly
    for example, that DOES NOT mean we need taxi’s driving on sidewalks or doing other dangerous or inconsiderate behaviors.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Its really remarkable, how a community which wants, and indeed needs police protection, chronically contains so many questionable figures who
    have long histories of disrespecting or outright attacking law enforce-

    This has LONG been a Heights negative behavior/syndrome: during the
    Lindsay administration, for example, the Heights was given certainly, some of or the best police protection in the city. But during that time, the Heights was home to a loud far left wing. So while they were being given the bestprotection, police were depicted as well, in the worst light imagin-
    able, often in vile terms.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    The job of police officers is to “protect and serve” whatever community they are assigned to, quite irrespective of that community’s attitudes toward the police. Those attitudes, meanwhile, are generally shaped by the conduct of the police and the public image police representatives cultivate.

    I don’t know about patronage of massage parlors that include sex work in their operations (nor do I know about the existence thereof) but it does indeed seem that the NYPD has a PR problem on their hands, one which they rightfully earned, and one which it’s up to them–not civilians–to fix.

  • Arch Stanton

    1.”GENUINE PATRIOTISM” LOL, that’s purely subjective.
    2. Yoru analogy is baseless as you dont know in this matter the reason for the helicopter survelance. And who would you be anyway, to determine its legitimacy.
    Hopefully, “they” are looking after YOU,

  • Jeffrey Smith

    This is, even for the Heights, amazingly muddled thinking.

    First, patritotism is not subjective or a kind of social silly putty that both some conservatives and all leftists would like it to be. There are well established, in American historical standards, patriotic beliefs and standards. The flag for example should be inviolate. Our children should be taught respect and love of country AND !ost of all, the basic cental DIFFERENCE betrweeen this country añd every other land;

    In this country, the PEOPLE are sovereign.

    In ever other country, the GOVERNMENT is sovereign. Here in our
    Blessed America, the government is the servant of the people, never the master.

    Patriotism is alßo the defense of the higher better interests of our country. It is also the defense of our constutional rights and the limitation 0aced on government by our good and wise founders.
    Our currency should be interest free and set by those responsible to the will of the American electorate.

    I realize by even speaking this, a two hunting parties one from th3 Casino and one from the projects are now looking for me, , but no matter, my statement stands there are several definable standards for what is patriotic and what is not.

  • Willow Street Watch

    And as to your other non point; my logic was crystal clear. Government cannot except in the very most extreme of genuine danger to the people act outside of open compliance with the standards of control our founders, and the vast majority of Americans wish set.

    And overflights by some unknowable agency at late night hours, is a hallmark of out-of-control Garbade government. Not our American system……

  • Arch Stanton

    Relax, I was a joking, okay, half joking.

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL, You gotta brush up on your social studies.

  • Arch Stanton

    How do you know what they’re doing isn’t for a good reason?
    Maybe the are keeping tabs on a suspected ISIS cell, or a neo nazi crackpot. Hmm… I wonder who that might be!

  • Jeffrey Smith

    The complexies and problems providing safety to this city are many and the results of many decades of mismanagement and wrong thinking. But these wrong direction have come from the assorted non sane inhabitants in City Hall and the kind of “leadership” emanating from wonderful 1Police Plaza.

    But whatever is wrong with the NYPD, it sure doesn’t help to have the kind and number of absolute ingrates such as Brooklyn Heights is
    filled with.

    Hey, you think something is wrong with the police or overall public safety? The place to make your feelings know is not on the nice and safe BHB. The place to make your “opinion” known is at the monthly 84 precinct comminity council meeting. Unless, of course, your only objective is to anonymously assault people and institutions. See, the system, which is far from perfect, does provide avenues to stand up, criticize and hopefully offer a suggestion towards improvement. But I very greatly doubt ANY of you will ever avail yourselves of any opportunity which involves openy standing up in public and presenting your views. That’s not any of you. All you’ll do is keep to the safety of your e hiding place…forever

  • Willow Street Watch

    Everyone reading this I ask to consider what a lion or a huge bear would do if a flea or any tiny insect one day decided to hurl a series
    of thoughtless invectives at the lion or bear. Would the much larger, much higher animal react? Should the more advanced life form react?

    I plan to take exactly the same actions in this case….

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Either large mammal might suddenly feel compelled to defecate, sleep, orally clean its own genitals, or eat raw meat.

    Pix or it didn’t happen, Jeff.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    “these wrong direction have come from the assorted non sane inhabitants in City Hall and the kind of “leadership” emanating from wonderful 1Police Plaza.”

    There’s a culture of bad idea generation that probably shares an inception date and a creator with the American police establishment.

    “whatever is wrong with the NYPD, it sure doesn’t help to have the kind and number of absolute ingrates such as Brooklyn Heights is filled with.”

    See you around the neighborhood!

    “The place to make your “opinion” known is at the monthly 84 precinct comminity council meeting”

    First of all I never voiced a personal opinion, but offered an assessment of what you were reacting to. Secondly, the police department isn’t a democracy. They don’t make decisions according to public opinion.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    In any healthy biosystems higher life forms do not and should not be influenced and much less be directed by lower life forms. Lower life forms will always attempt to exert influence beyond and above their station. In any healthy life situation, the higher life forms forcefully prevents this.

    That is in a SANE world. The above “statements” by several “commentors” are prime examples of first, how far we have drifted
    from any healthy or sane biostatus. Second, a somewhat shocking example of what we have sunk to as a society.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    This is a pure and amazing example of ad hominem arguments and sly avoidance of facts presented. There is simply no sane margin for doubt that the behavior of a historically large segment of the Heights community has been non helpful to overall public safety. From tacit acceptance of certain level of social drug use to depicting all police as corrupt, without judgment or generally inept, to condoning or excusing on warped social therory grounds, serious violent crime, the Heights as a community has often over the last few decades, shown themselves to be ingrates and without any kind of sane judgment in the area of public safety matters. This applies to both the Casino element and the huge far left element always resident here.

    The control of the police community council system, city wide, was at its inception immediately ceeded to the left wing of the democratic party. From day one this was the case. They began their classic control tactics to serve their really evil goals.

    Hey, the leadership of the 84 precinct Community Council is a long term direct promoter of soviet Russia. I once asked him, after his codemming his version of the German’s actions in WWII, what about the death toll of the communists which certainly at 100 Million killed and more likely somewhere like 130 million lives lost. Outside of raging poorly controlled hostility, he had no answer.

    Now, how do YOU think that serves police community relations given the vast majority of police are normal middle Americans?

    EXACTLY, see a LOT of the problems with police relations are the fault of….the behavior of the Heights.

  • Reggie

    I usually leave the conspiracy theories to the aforementioned presidential nominee, but has anyone considered the possibility that Peter Bray looked at how much work the house tour is and found an excuse for not doing something he didn’t want to do?

  • Arch Stanton

    I’ll take that as your capitulation.

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s an article in the NY Times, “Wary of Digital Guests, Brooklyn House Tour Closes its Doors,” with a photo of Judy Stanton swaddled in winter garb, in front of a great brownstone, here:

  • Arch Stanton

    This, comming from the guy that used to try to recruit teenagers into a white supremacist hate group, is laughable.

  • Arch Stanton

    Tryed it today for lunch. Very tasty Pad Thai, though the pieces of chicken were a bit dry.
    Much better than the other “Thai” place.

  • Arch Stanton

    Curious as to what is your version of Germanys actions in WWII?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Da -da-da-DAH-da-da-da-da-da-DAH-da…..huh? I wonder what just came over me? What just happened???

    Well, anyway,…according to some people, including some who were
    Integral parts of the drug nightmare we had to fight at the court Monroe and Pierrepont we were in danger of coming under the
    poisonous influence of hate groups. Violent crime, bad government, the huge rise in drug use (which THEY were a part of) all that doesn’t matter…the rise of “hate groups” is the central concern. Dwarfing any other societal concern….sure.

    Also, most of these geniuses define the republican party, mild conservatives, various traditionalist religious groups…ANYONE they don’t control as a racist, extremists, tin hats, anti government or a “Hate group,” sure, ANYTHING they can float to destroy someone’s good name and shut off debate.

    Well, I tell you what! If you start that corrupt nonsense techniques with me, I don’t go away, Jocko, using good logic and sound evidence, I TURN UP THE VOLUME!

    That’s what people who use the hate card deserve. More honest open debate….which is, I daresay, the American way.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    II’m sorry but I thought this forum was for consideration of and examination of events and factors related to and effecting Brooklyn Heights. So….But one thing is for certain. The two world wars in the last century were disasters for Western Civilization in general.

    But beyond that, the subject lies outside of the legitimate range of what BHB was intended to…da-da-da-DAH….Hey, there that strange sound again!…anyway…intended to cover as a medium of neighbor to, da-da-da-da-da-DAH, wow! why am I hearing this?!…,neighbor to neigh bor exchange of opinions and information.

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh Jeffery, stop trying to cloud the truth. You handed out neo nazi propaganda to me and my friends back in the earily eighties. You even showed off your nazi armband. Of course your laim recruitment attemps quickly ended when… but let’s not reahash that story again, I know it must be painful for you.

    Honestly, I would have some respect you if you owned up to your past.

    You can turn up the volume as much as you like, I’ll just turn up the “Spotlight” brighter and brighter!

  • Arch Stanton

    Sounds in your head Jeffery? I urgre you to check yourself into Creedmor immediately.
    Oh incase you don’t understand, this is an “Open Thread”. I can ask whatever question I want.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    If you put a bright light on a lie it simply becomes a more highly “illuminated” lie. It does not become the truth. It like some claims
    of losses. Da-da-da-da-da-DAH wow! What IS that? Why won’t it stop?!!?! !! Uh, where were we? Oh yes.,.lies spoken louder or projected more brightly do not become the truth. You know and I know that repeated falsifications are not helpful behavior. Its simple, you people were part of a drug scene which we pit a stop to. During that campaign, there were multiple violent episodes. The incident you never cease disinterring was one of the less violent but still seriously threatening incidents. The person you identify who was on a drunken rage attempted to blind me with a broken bottle neck. This, folks gives you a idea of what kind of people the ‘commenter” identifies with and the “social action” he feels is reasonable. We need THAT on the Heights? As far as violence that was far from the most dangerous incident. As far as your fabrications about I or anyone under my direction or influence wearing any thing like you describe, well we only have your “word” and perhaps the testimony of some of the types who frequented that serious drug infested “scene” What great reliable sources….apparently MANY of your Casino kids friends. Now have criminal_ including FELONY records because of me and my associates. If this jolted them out of their drug life this was a good act on our behalf. And as far as us suspending our efforts because one incident.. we INCREASED the distribution of patriotic literature to the fury of various Casino types and Bob Side types.

    While it does me no harm with the kind of sane, well ballanced, thinking, friends and neighbors I value, it really is unfare to this community for you to tepeatedly propagate outright lies on this forum.