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  • skb

    Hi. I want to find a dentist in Brooklyn Heights. I need someone who is excellent, takes insurance, and can help someone with very sensitive teeth who is afraid of dentists! Anyone have recommendations? Thank you.

  • Jorale-man

    Curious how the streetlight replacement project is going in the Heights. I’ve noticed that most of the streets south of Montague now appear to have the historic-looking lights (with the LED bulbs). Have they made their way north yet?

  • neighboronhicks

    My fiance has a similar reaction to the dentist but has been satisfied with (is anyone really ever happy with the dentist?) Dr. Kevin Trotter on Joralemon. He takes MetLife dental insurance at least.

  • Concerned

    Trotter is good. Very good staff for teeth cleaning.

  • Teresa

    I need to move a sofa bed from the third floor of an elevator building to a waiting curbside van next week, and I’m looking for a couple of strong people to help us get it out of the apartment and down to the street. Are such people available for hire? We’ve already got the van; we just need the strength.

  • itsjoesullivan

    Here’s this week’s episode of the BKHeightsCast (episode 20!):

    p.s. Alyssa and I were very touched by your support last week. :)

  • DIBS

    Not in BH but not far. Dr. Steve Wong at 158 Court street. Excellent. Does the cleanings himself. Takes insurance

  • Poplar

    I’ve recently heard about the website/app Thumbtack where you can post such a job and get quotes.

  • itsjoesullivan

    I’ll vouch for Dr. Ewa Tracz in the same office. She was very helpful when I had a dental emergency.

  • CHatter

    No, sadly.

  • CHatter

    I’ve had a good experience for the last few years with Dr. Eric Last on Schermerhorn, though I have not required any significant work. Friendly, takes Aetna (and I’m sure other plans too). His hygienist is incredibly thorough but gentle.

  • Banet

    My understanding is that the grant was just for the South Heights — from Atlantic to Remsen (or maybe Montague?). There are currently no plans to extend the project.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    My mother, who recently passed away (93 years old), was taken care of in her home 24/7 for the last 3 years by the most wonderful, loving and competent companion.

    If you are interested in such a caretaker for someone you love, please respond and I’ll set up a private email for us to communicate.

  • Teresa

    Great–thank you!

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I go to Advanced Dental Care of NYC on Joralemon and love it!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    TaskRabbit, too. Haven’t used it, just know of its existence.

  • gatornyc

    Dr. Tracz is exceptional. Best dentist I have ever had.

  • Andrew Porter

    Doctor Howard Moshman at 89 Remsen Street is my go-to guy; he just replaced a crown I broke. Excellent work. Call them at (718) 855-7545, and tell them I sent you.

  • skb

    Thanks everyone, so much! for your responses. I feel well cared for by excellent neighbors.

  • William Gilbert

    Who do we contact to take care of the North Heights? Is there an agency or politician who can get the ball rolling?

  • Concerned

    Super tall over 1000 feet high coming to 9 Dekalb. Brooklyn’s tallest is currently 610 feet.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    One time grant to Brooklyn Heights secured by Stevin Levin with assistance from Otis Pearshall. I went to the celebration and was annoyed that the North Heights was totally dismissed. My argument was that tourist visit the North Heights and we are the older part of the Heights. They should of placed some on Willow and Middagh in my opinion. I believe the BHA made the decision.

  • Bongo

    Hey, the streetlight outside St. George Tower has been out for at least two years. I think any old light would be welcome by now.

  • Kit

    I second the recommendation of Dr. Last. He is thorough, honest, responsive, explains everything in plain, understandable detail, and believes in offering options. Not sure which insurance plans he participates in, but seeing him is worth it with or without insurance.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Sorry for your loss.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Thank you. With appreciation for your kindness – RSD

  • Concerned

    You can thank Moni’s terrible review last week for adding another listener. I listened this week and I liked it. Nice job to both of you.
    PS: Fish clearly have feelings.

  • Moni

    A little constructive crit doesn’t hurt, kids and believe me I’m not a “hater” Alyssa. Appparently my comments even got you a new listener. I thought episode 20 was a bit better. Not quite as much nervous laughter, so I suspect you were more conscious of it. And I have to stand by my criticism of the long, boring commentary on the spilled sauce in the takeout bag. #20 is more interesting with less inane rambling. Regarding Garden of Eden, you’re both right: it’s a decent gourmet grocery and also overpriced, but I go there often because our Key Food has inferior produce that is ofen priced even higher than GOE. As for their checkout staff, they are always polite and efficient, as far as I’ve observed, well groomed. The nasty comment about their appearance was certainly that of a “hater” — no constructive criticism intended there, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Andrew Porter

    My experience with 311 is that if you report it, it will be replaced within a few weeks. This has worked several times on my street. Complaining here but not reporting it does not work!

  • Andrew Porter

    This has been written up on The New York Times, Curbed, TheRealDeal, Brownstoner, and numerous other places.

    My comment on the NYT website was, “Every day I become happier that I live in Brooklyn Heights, where new development is limited to a height of 50 feet. The recent demise of the $135 million proposal to acquire and demolish the single story stores along Pineapple Walk in favor of a 40 story block-long, shadow-casting, view-blocking monstrosity, highlights this area’s appreciation for low density, views over money, and appreciation for the community.

    “Meanwhile, just across Clinton Street (and hence outside the Landmarked district) approval has been granted for demolition of the two story Brooklyn Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, and construction of a 38 story high-rise with a small library in its base.

    “Then there’s the PierHouse, blocking the views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Don’t get me started…”