Court Hearing on Alleged Pierhouse View Plane Obstruction Today

Update: The hearing was about the defendants’ (Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, New York City, and developer Toll Brothers) motion to dismiss the suit because it is barred under the statute of limitations. Plaintiffs (the Brooklyn Heights Association and Save The View Now) introduced an affidavit by City Council Member Steve Levin to the effect that key information concerning the alleged intrusion of the penthouse structure into the protected scenic view plane was not available to him or to other concerned parties until the intrusion became visible. Defendants objected, and Justice Knipel accepted the affidavit subject to a later determination on its admissibility. He reserved judgment on the motion to dismiss.

We got the news late, but there will be a hearing this afternoon (Thursday, February 4) starting at 2:00 p.m. at Brooklyn Supreme Court, 360 Adams Street, 7th floor, on the lawsuit brought by Save The View Now, in which the Brooklyn Heights Association has joined. The suit alleges that a survey commissioned by STVN last year shows that a penthouse on the Pierhouse structure intrudes on the protected view plane from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (details here).

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  • William Gilbert

    It so obviously obstructs the view, but my fear is that big money always Winston but I hope I am wrong.

    As the DOB is directly under the control of our feckless Mayor di Blah-Blah-Blah-sio, he could simply order the DOB to do its job. I don’t think he will because he wants the real estate industry’s money and they have lots to give. (See the LICH debacle.) We’ve got to hold this greedy politican accountable and throw the bum out!

  • Andrew Porter

    Alas, I couldn’t go, and the e-mail from the BHA failed to mention the exact location, saying only “Supreme Court” building. It arrived the morning of the hearing.

  • e

    Any news out of this?