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  • Concerned

    DUMBO named the most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn with a 1.4 million median home price. Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg had the priciest sales for units in multifamily homes.

  • Elaine Rendon

    I heard it was going to be a another Thai place

  • Weegee

    Identified here as the houses that include 30 Orange.

  • clarknhickslady

    I want to vote the couple who owns Sushi Gallery for BHB top ten

  • Mary

    Great idea. Such a nice couple, running a true mom and pop business. The sushi is the most authentic in the neighborhood, in my opinion.

  • Andrew Porter

    When I moved here it was totally industrial, empty on weekends. They used to film stuff for “The Soprano’s” there—perfect place to dump bodies. And there were indeed railway freight cars in the streets!

  • Andrew Porter

    As I reported, illegal renovation apparently going on there, for instance, exterior renovations. Reported to the BHA.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I understand why, because of zoning and existing building infrastructure, restaurants tend to move into spaces vacated by other restaurants. But is there an explanation for why the pattern for this space, at least within the six or so years I’ve lived here, has been restricted to East Asian (ish) cuisine, other than coincidence?

  • DIBS

    Armando’s has gotten a lot better since the daughter took over. Their fish dishes are great but wer did have the worst steak ever there but that was a few years ago. The lasagna is very good too.

  • Moni

    Funny. Maybe TexMex BBQ.
    Maybe horsemeat burgers.

  • Andrew Porter

    I received info from the BHA:

    “Cadman Towers is hosting a Forum from 7:30 – 8:30 pm on Wednesday, January 6 in the Community Room of 101 Clark Street that is open to all Heights residents. You are invited to learn more about the potential redevelopment of the Whitman property and hear the concerns of other Heights residents.”

    Claude, why has this not been a separate post?

  • Taters

    Worst “meal” I ever had was at Armandos about six months ago, a seriously “WTF you’ve got to to kidding” dinner.I personally would never eat or order from them.