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  • Grace Court Jester

    I am still pretty new to the area, and I am trying to get a reliable list of delivery/takeout places. Below is the list of my favorite places so far, but please give me your recommendations!
    Iron Chef or Sumi Sushi- Tied for the best sushi
    Hanco’s – Excellent Vietnamese Sandwiches. The other stuff is pretty good too!
    Lantern or Thaism – Best thai delivery.
    Fatoosh – Great pita pizza and platters. Sandwiches are ok.

    I have tried a couple pizza places and Chinese places, but nothing I really liked, so bonus points if anyone has recommendations for one of those.

  • Greg

    Please check out Table 87 for pizza (on Atlantic Ave). It’s a unique kind of pie, made with real love, and a fantastic pizza asset to the area.

  • Jorale-man

    Tripoli Restaurant on Atlantic is always a good bet for Lebanese cuisine. Curry Heights is nothing out of the ordinary but always dependable for Indian food. Agree that Hanco’s is excellent.

  • Teresa

    Heights Falafel. Babaganoush and moujadra are both excellent.

    Fascati’s for pizza and meatball subs.

    Clark’s for all diner items, especially patty melt and grilled cheese.

    Teresa’s ( no relation) potato pancakes, pierogies.

  • GHB

    Is Tripoli still in business? I saw the Swallow Cafe signs. Same place?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Tripoli is downstairs now.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Surprised no one recommended Delaroccos. Egzon, the manager there, is such a sweet guy that he should be in the running for the BHB top ten by the way. And the food is great too. Because of the hard surfaces of the interior it gets loud when there are a lot of customers so I’d say take out is often better value.

  • Roberto Gautier

    Calling all engineers, nerds and inventors! Come up with an alternative to motion alarms on vehicles. Unbeknownst to most, OSHA permits their disconnection IF there are spotter/flaggers. There has to be a technological breakthrough in the pipe. The “backup” alarms are especially disturbing in the middle of the night in the middle of a city that is constantly issuing variances to permit after-hours construction.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    From Atlantic Ave today: a meditation on two fully saturated primaries

  • Moni

    Saw a name — “PINTO” — on the door of the corner store at Henry & Montague (formerly Andy’s). Anyone know what is going in there?

  • DIBS

    Fascati’s lasagna is quite good as are the meatball subs. Fortune House is better than average, especially the hot and sour soup and their soup dumplings are better than most places that aren’t specifically Shanghainese and are usually too doughy. I give the rest of their dishes a 3 out of 5, passable and appetizing but not great.

  • Concerned

    Make sure you get a seamless account. It makes delivery SOOOOOOOO much better. Although some good restaurants aren’t on seamless, the ones that are make delivery so much better. Orders take me less than a minute. No calling, no waiting, no talking to someone who you hope got your address/phone #/order correct. All that being said, some of my favorites are not on seamless. These facts are indisputable: Fascati = #1 pizza, Joya = #1 thai (with some delivery restrictions). My opinion is Joya is the best Thai in NYC. Put a little of the garlic powder on Fascati’s round pie and you get the third best pizza in all of NYC (behind Di Fara round and square pies and Lucali; neither deliver).
    Aperture has very good italian and is on seamless (although I prefer Queen, Sociale and Noodle pudding for sit down italian, but none deliver). Dellarocco’s italian is good. I actually think the apps at Dellarocco’s are the reason to go there, as the roasted veggies and the eggplant parm are fantastic and pretty cheap. I’m hungry, now.

  • gc

    Little known fact – Queen does deliver!

  • Concerned

    Damn! My assumptions are killing me!!! Thank you.

  • gc

    Now that I think of it, I believe Sociale also delivers.

  • grewuphere

    Fascati’s for a slice, Henry’s End for just generally all around good sit down, Great Wall for chinese takeout (except for their hot & sour soup) and no one should knock Cranberry’s sandwhiches, easy to grab quickly and always on good bread.

    /finally reggd this name to post

  • DIBS

    Worst carbonara I have ever had.

  • W. GIlbert

    Perhaps you should try somthing more local for you such as “Inn at Lambertville”Station or “The Raven”.

  • CHatter

    If you can bear the inconvenience, please consider using Seamless (or Yelp, or whatever) to view menus, but call the restaurant directly to order. I know it’s more of a hassle, but Seamless very badly squeezes restaurant owners, who have enough difficulty staying in business in high-rent areas.

  • CHatter

    Pinto is a common name in Goa (former Portuguese colony on the west coast of India). So wild guesses: (i) new Indian place specializing in seafood; (ii) new Portuguese place specializing in Indian food; (iii) a specialty wholesale bean distributor; (iv) an ill-advised, boutique showroom for a Ford model best left forgotten.

  • DIBS

    Perhaps I get around a lot more than you do.

  • DIBS


  • Willow L

    Try, Doordash or TryCaviar. AMAZING delivery services.., they deliver ANYTHING. better than seamless

  • WillowL

    It is going to be Asian fusion

  • Love Laner

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned Armando’s yet, which is quite good. They do pastas/chicken/general italian fare.

  • Love Laner

    Another possibility is a Mexican restaurant, as it could be referencing pinto beans!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Does anyone know where “Bride’s Row” is in Brooklyn Heights? Looks like Orange between Willow and Hicks but I am not sure . Can anyone confirm?

  • jim

    To the lady with the 3 year old in the blue jacket this afternoon in Cadman Plaza Park – Please respond to return the soccer ball (blue and green addidas) that you left with – it was a Christmas gift from my daughter’s grandmother.

  • Weegee

    Yes, as I remember the story, the identical buildings were wedding presents for three daughters.

  • Isabelle Katz

    It’s the three buildings on Cranberry St. right next to the vet.