Is The Heights movie theater for sale?

In a bid to raise much-needed cash, Forest City Enterprises could be selling The Heights — that is, the movie theater and Barnes & Noble complex on Court Street.

The news comes from the subscription-only Real Estate Alert newsletter via Atlantic Yards Report. Here’s the article’s (free) snippet:

Forest City Puts Mix of Properties on Block (03/11/2009)
Moving aggressively to raise cash, Forest City Enterprises is looking to sell full or partial stakes in 10 apartment properties, four retail properties and the office portion of a large mixed-used complex.

We have a call in with Forest City’s press office, and will keep you posted.

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  • BB

    It would be a “blessing” if they were to sell off that cultural travesty. That is the raunchiest theater in all of New York. The audiences simply don’t know how to keep their mouths shut during the movie. I’ve never experienced anything like it! I’d understand if they plunked $12 down on a DVD to watch in the comfort of their living rooms, but you can’t “pause” and “rewind” in the theater. Too many movies have been ruined for me in that roost. Please sell it off and bring on new management!

  • nabeguy

    What kind of new mnagement are you talking about? The Taliban perhaps?

  • lakisha

    cannot wait for it to close! it is by far the worst movie theatre in New York. It will be a blessing for all!!!!!

  • Gianluca

    I just dream of court street without that movie theater and Eveybody can’t wait to see that closed. Stop with the screaming at 1 AM when people is sleeping and the crowd that brings in the neighborhhod is not what the neighborhood rappresents. So many new store could open and it would easy became a nice walk during the evening instead of a street to avoid if you don’t want to be involved in a fight. Oriible orrible……

  • Beakeley

    Bring back the Cin-Art!