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  • mlcraryville

    For a bit of history see the review in this week’s Eagle about the Heights in 1958 thru the eyes of Truman Capote:

  • Brixtony

    Is that Lizzmonade? I hope not.

  • Brixtony

    Have a merry one, Jeff.

  • Andrew Porter

    As I just posted, they’re doing construction without permits, painted the exterior, may have replaced windows on the Henry Street side, parking trucks in back yard after the fence was illegally turned into a gate. Also, those little lions in front are totally illegal. I’ve complained to the BHA.

  • Andrew Porter

    Damned tourists!

  • Andrew Porter

    My two comments there:

    I live a block away. The new building would be even taller than 101 Clark Street, still a Mitchell-Lama co-op, just about 50 feet away, and totally destroy the northern, Manhattan views from this building. Alas for them, they have no say in the decision.

    It would also destroy the view south from 75 Henry Street, so instead of views south to the Atlantic and across Brooklyn, they’d see another, taller building a hundred feet away from their windows. It would also cast lower apartments into shadow part of the year.

    The new building would destroy the superette (which used to be called Peas ‘N’ Pickles) which, despite being just across Pineapple Walk from Gristede’s, is open 24 hours, does good business and has expanded several times—such is the disdain people have for what they call “Grosstede’s”. Also eliminated would be Rocco & Jezebel, a much-loved pet store, a hair salon, and Heights Kids, a local toy store.

    Forgot to mention that where the Park Plaza Diner is, was a vacant lot on which a scene from TAXI DRIVER was filmed. It was a political rally during which Robert DeNiro circled the rally, debating whether or not to assassinate the candidate.

  • Andrew Porter

    Sorry I missed the lighting of the Christmas Tree at the foot on Montague Street, and I presume the carolling—Claude, are those this year’s carollers? When did this happen?

    No tree the last couple of years because of the sidewalk shed covering the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade.

  • Andrew Porter

    Hurrah! Work has actually started on 100 Clark Street aka 1 Monroe Place. Here’s the article in the Brooklyn Eagle:

    Also, here’s my photo of the top floors being removed after they were judged to be unstable: