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  • HereToStay

    We need more people like him! Thanks for sharing – that is a nice piece.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Thank you for the research.

    (Perhaps the building should have converted to gas.)

  • Monty

    This is really just another foreseeable failure of public housing. The Farragut Houses are a nexus of poverty and by definition always will be. If every kid in the complex goes on to become a doctor or lawyer, they’ll just move out and be replaced by a new generation of poverty. Segregating them is part and parcel of the design of the system. Until they are torn down and replaced with a new system, they will always be stuck with bad schools.

  • alyssabereznak

    Hi OTW friends,

    Just plopping the latest BK HeightsCast here. <3

  • Concerned


  • Concerned

    I didn’t see it, but you should take his picture next time you see him. Hang out around the same area at the same time. People are creatures of habit and so are their dogs.

  • SongBirdNYC

    Thank you, Karl. CEC member Robert Underwood has some interesting thoughts on the subject of the rezoning and larger issues at play:

  • mac

    as someone who lives in the building adjacent to the tree, the city just showed up in the morning to cut it down…their story was that the tree was determined to be diseased and was a threat to fall down. I am not a tree specialist but it looked ok to me. We in the building love all the trees on Cranberry….

  • Willow Street Watch

    Re: p.s. 8/307 …this entire mess is exactly why a huge slice of what is left of the middle to lower upper income sector has moved their children over the last 40 years into private education. Besides the social radicals, career builders and simply incompetents running the school systems there’s the parents who have never really forced fundamental change. Every time we get close to real reform some child of the 1930’s/40’s radicalism/John Dewey ism starts to charge some form of bias and when that doesn’t work they always have the R charge to throw.

    This goes on in every school district in every major city in the nation and often down to small hamlets!

    Bettom line, the ONLY way you’re going to see good education in safe environments is when people have the courage to face down the en- trenched bureaucracy and people Bells Dodd warned of and secure proper education standards for all children in the city. But that fight is going to be won in a district to district battle with the old corrupt order now in place…..So, do any of you have the courage to force change?
    I doubt it….

  • Brixtony

    Name-calling and putdowns again. Do you ever have anything positive to say? Anything that’s really a suggestion other than a complaint or whinging about the bad people who’ve taken over your lovely neighborhood?

  • Roberto Gautier

    I just read an intelligent appraisal of bicycle commuters in Paris which reflects observations of an increasingly “wild west” usage of the streets of NYC by cyclists who have joined the already “wild west” usage of the streets by motor vehicles. It’s dangerous out there. One point that I take from the article in Liberation is a call for obligatory training for cyclists. As someone who holds a joint citizenship with Holland where citizens are genetically part-bicycle, it’s clear that a true “share the road” philosophy takes generations. In the meanwhile, I recommend all manner of pinned-on flashing lights, reflective striping and crash helmets for NYC’s hordes of intrepid cyclists who truly put their lives in the balance on those two-wheelers. Of course, even though motorists have licenses, that doesn’t seem to mean much. The vibe on the roads is one of suicide drivers who vie with suicidal cyclists and vice versa. Our situation reminds me of the “live free or die” mantra of the state of New Hampshire.

    Here’s the link to the French article (en français):

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Brixtony, don’t respond, just click “Flag as inappropriate” flag (on my browser, the little flag is gray and to the right of the post on the top line, but invisible until you roll the mouse over it).

    Flagging as inappropriate is appropriate because the “name-calling and putdowns” violate the terms of the blog.

    If enough people click the flag, I think the post disappears into the moderation queue.

  • Montague Neighbor

    A worker coming out of the building today told me the opening was next week.

  • A Tree

    Judging by one of our neighbors, who I witnessed harassing four tourists yesterday for having the gall to have a short chit chat on a public sidewalk in front of her building, the people of this neighborhood feel no one should stop moving for anyone reason through our streets.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Wow, who knew? That’s a great tip – one that will surely reduce the noise from the likes of certain “contributors” here if used effectively. Thanks!

  • Susan Esq.

    So the answer to intelligent, honest critical comment is simply to move to silence or keep contained out of the mainstream his views? Really? Well, doesn’t that say a lot about both of your idea of free speech. I notice neither of you apparently can offer a reply to his assertions. Sure, all you want to do is stop any post you want gone. What nice guys.

  • Susan Esq.

    Seems like he did offer positive solutions to the problem he feels exists. As for “name calling” well, what if his descriptions fit the people involved in doing the damage? The schools have declined greatly under the present leadership. So a lot of what he said is true at least in my experience.

  • MonroeOrange

    well i guess its always good to judge an ENTIRE neighborhood based on one interaction you saw from one person..thanks

  • MonroeOrange

    you seem passionate about it…AGAIN, why don’t YOU have the courage to start the change?

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Susan, not sure if you are new to the blog (not intended as an insult, I promise, I just don’t recognize your “handle”), but I don’t think that ShinyNewHandle’s comment about flagging posts was intended as a direct response to this thread about schools. I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I think it was a response to a very long running issue with particular commenters on this blog, who tend to overwhelmingly post comments that are very off topic and offensive…all of which specifically violate the terms of use (check them out, they are posted on this website). It’s not really a freedom of speech issue…it’s more about participating in a constructive way on this blog within the terms of its intended use.

  • Monty

    Anyone notice a crazy old white man around Court and Livingston? He’s been yelling at people including moms pushing strollers. Is he a known character? Dangerous?

  • miriamcb

    I just happened to be reading Gothamist when I glanced over and saw your question. Don’t think this is who you’re talking about, but the timing was great!

  • Willow Street Watch

    I have, for reference, attended over the last 40 years, over 100+ public hearings and civic gatherings on key, critical issues in the Heights. I and associates have distributed tens of thousands of white papers and issue focused publications. The Susan posts aside, my interest is dir- ectly the well being of our children. As such, I’m interested in the mechanism of what is going wrong. Not just the symptomology. And what we can do to formulate a real cure.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Brooklyn’s own They Might Be Giants just tweeted this photo of them busking on the promenade in 1983. Brought the warm-n-fuzzies.

  • Willow Street Watch

    The 101 Clark st building has an extensive security camera system, put in after a really terrible homicide a few years ago. The management is not the most easy to deal with in my experience but I’m sure this guy is in their system AND if he went down Henry or Cadman north towards say, Cranberry, OTHER cameras in the complex captured his image.

    But first report the crime at the 84 Precinct and get a report number, what’s called a “61” number. I would then talk to detectives. Then contact the 101 management àsk for the video records, make it clear this is a reported crime. See what their response is. Then I would call the 84 pct community affairs (718) 875 6850 ask for their help.

    I would also call the BH Press 718 422 7424 and CNG press 718 260 4505 and report all this.

    If you DO get a good image make up 1000 flyers with his picture and flood the area with flyers. Seriously consider a reward. Trust me, someone knows this guy.

  • SongBirdNYC

    May I suggest you submit your constructive comments and suggestions on the draft re-zoning proposal via the CEC website form. The link has been listed in every one of my posts.

  • Brixtony

    Dear Susan,
    Your defense of your client is heartfelt and not completely off base. He is active and not just a complainer. However, he and several others tend to belittle and look down upon those with whom they disagree. A great advance on this blog would be the use of real names – obviously I’m Tony – last name to come if others follow suit. As for the rest, I’m in complete agreement with ColumbiaHeightster below.

  • Arch Stanton

    “white papers” Does that include the Neo-Nazi propaganda?

  • Andrew Porter

    The restaurant on Henry Street that used to house Siggy’s took the paper off their windows, and it’s a Ramen Noodle place. Because the two other Japanese restaurants on Clark Street don’t serve the Japanese food market sufficiently?

  • Willow Street Wa5ch

    I realize that the Casino/BHA/BHP always wanted and still would like to be the be the only voice heard on any Heights related subjects. But as conditions worsened in the 1970’s and their management became ineffective, a number of voices were raised. At the time, you also had a large older far left element left over from the 1930’s who labeled anything they or the casino didn’t control as some kind of terrible evil. But many people of good will in the Heights then and now found that they had to brave the poison both the casino and their friends spewed out and move foward to help the situation. I’m sorry, but our actions, especially in the area of drugs, for example, were warranted and proper. Some casino kids got busted? Well…