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  • Andrew Porter

    They moved the headstones but left the bodies?

    Same bit with the rebuilding of 100 Clark aka 1 Monroe Place.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Is THAT what AS really looks like? Or is that a casino/skull and bones/bohemian grove induction ceremony???

  • Andrew Porter

    Maybe this is the actual photo (another still, Rotwang, the Mad Scientist, from the same movie):

  • RJG

    On April 13, 2015 two plans were filed seeking approval for various amendments to the original plan that was approved a while ago.

    The proposed amendments have been assigned to a plan examiner.

    You can get ownership and contact details at the DOB website. See job #320225760 documents 06 and 07 for details. The link is: STREET&allnumbhous=27

  • Willow Street Watch

    That looks like my old super downstairs in our basement. Or maybe it’s Louie the electrician’s old helper!!…