Open Thread Wednesday 4/8/15

Friends — It’s Mrs. Fink. I greet you with an open but broken heart for this open thread. As you now know, my husband is gone, that thread is over for me in a sense. In another thread – more ongoing – my husband instilled the joys, quirks, and camaraderie that being a Brooklyn Heights resident entailed. He wanted to raise our child here, and despite the circumstances, given his passion, it’s something Young Fink and I will try to do. Today have joy in your neighborhood – rejoice in familiar faces; the chicken at JTH; pasta at Sociale; fish and chips and Red’s loving scowl at Custom House; a good blow out at Diva Salon. Find comfort in the crazy dude you pass every morning, the expensive cup of coffee, the odd celebrity (come on, we all dig it!). Also – keep fighting. Helicopter noise? Say something. Parking? Pffft. PS8? Seriously, people, let’s work on that and I hope to see you at a meeting, because you won’t shut me up. Let’s live up to Homer this week, ok? Be generous, over-tip, smile like a madman. Young Fink and I thank you. Homer thanks you.

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  • PubliusBklyn

    Tracy: I spoke with John a few weeks ago on Willow St, and we were discussing our young daughters. John was kind and supportive to me and the rest of the Hillside dog run crew over the years. We moved to the Poconos two weeks ago and the last I heard from John was a :( about our departure on BHB. You and I don’t know each other, but If this summer you and Gracie are looking for a weekend getaway to the country on a gorgeous lake, our house is your house. Brooklyn Heights is wonderful, but it’s nice to take a trip to the country — only 1.5 hours away. My most sincerely condolences. I was heartbroken to hear the tragic news. John was truly unique, made the world better and good man. — Matthew Parker